Please review my application for the Exceptional Promise route, Growth and Product Marketing Manager

Hello all,

I am planning for apply for the Global Talent Visa under the Exceptional Promise category end of this month and I could really use your insight on the quality of my application.

Letter of Endorsement 1: From the CEO of fintech company 1 where I worked as a product marketing manager. Profile: two-time fintech CEO/Co-founder and Chief Product Office of a Crypto fintech.

Letter of Endorsement 2: From Head of Products and Projects of fintech company 2 where I worked as a growth and product marketing manager.

Letter of Endorsement 3: From Executive Director of a technology company. Worked with him on a large scale technology festival.

MC1: led the growth and development of an AI powered chatbot as the growth and product marketing manager at fintech company 2.

  1. snippet of the chatbot deck showing the persona I crafted.
  2. snippet of chat with the chatbot training her on how to respond to users.
  3. chatbot marketing strategy developed.
  4. social media collaterals created to drive chatbot awareness and engagement.
  5. chatbot emoticons developed as part of marketing tactics to bring her persona to live.
  6. snapshot of the company instagram page showing the use of the chatbot as the brand’s mascot.

MC2: I led the marketing efforts at fintech company 2 by developing and implementing the company’s go-to-market strategy and innovative growth strategies.

  1. A snippet from the developed go-to-market plan showing multi-channel strategy
  2. Link to media coverage from Business Wire announcing the digital bank’s launch
  3. campaign snapshot showcasing strategy developed for the innovative launch campaign I came up with.
  4. innovative campaign launch marketing materials.
  5. Link to press release of strategic partnership developed with another company for card infrastructure.

MC3: I commanded high salary for my role.

  1. fintech company 2 offer letter
  2. pay slip from fintech company 1

MC4: I led the growth of an inventory management software product in my capacity as the Growth Marketing Manager at tech company 3.

  1. Growth Framework designed for New Inventory Management Software
  2. Product Launch workflow designed
  3. Conversion Rate Optimisation Workflow
  4. Letter of reference from the CEO of the company explaining the impact of my contribution.

OC 2: Outside of my day-to-day job, I have consistently published op-ed articles in a major Nigerian technology media, earning recognition as a thought leader and key knowledge expert in the field of Financial Technology in Nigeria.
Evidence: Links to 4 different opinion pieces published with by the media company

OC2: I have been recognised for my work outside of my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the digital technology sector through my participation in a novel technology event as the content strategist. The event had 15,000 registrations and 5,000 attendees.

  1. Content strategy designed for the event.
  2. Evidence of Facebook Live done to maximise event reach.
  3. Links to some brand press and media mentions following my efforts in securing media partnerships.
  4. Screenshots of the event app showing content writing.
  5. Pictures from the event.

OC2: I have been recognised for my work outside of my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the digital technology sector through my role as the Digital Content Strategist for a tech talk show.

  1. Screenshot of YouTube channel showing subscription and views - 311 subscribers and 11,429 views.
  2. content roadmap developed for the show
  3. reference letter from the co-founder and producer of the show.

OC3: I have made significant commercial and entrepreneurial contributions to the field as an employee of a product-led digital technology company, having played a key role in the growth of fintech company 1 by delivering a major product.

  1. customer journey map developed
  2. lead nuturing workflow
  3. GTM strategy

OC3: I have made significant commercial contributions to the field as an employee of fintech company 2, which has led to its growth by influencing its investment and marketing strategy.

  1. Social media and paid advertising campaign report showing conversions, engagement and increase in social media followers.
  2. user reviews of the fintech app
  3. customer growth metrics report showing upward trajectory following launch
  4. media coverage on investment receipt
  5. screenshot from crunchbase showing investment received
  6. screenshot of invoice showing marketing support received from a partner.

OC3: I have made significant commercial contributions to the field as an employee of fintech company 2, by leading the development and delivery of a high-impact digital product.

  1. YouTube link to customer interviews during market research
  2. picture of focus group organised.
  3. snippet from product conceptualisation document and product concept overview picture.
  4. marketing strategy developed
  5. product roll out metrics.

Could anyone please tell me if this is a strong application or what I can do differently. Many thanks.