Please review my application for Exceptional talent (OC2, OC4)

thanks for your time and this amazing forum.
Please help me to review my application.

Background: I have 10+ in industry, I am software developer in Meta (IC5 ML), have a PhD in computational mathematics.


  • LOR from Engineering Director at Meta
  • Performance letter with “Exceed expectation” result
  • Evidence of high compensation with RSU, offer letter + payslips

OC 2

  • LOR from startup founder (ex Google, ex Google X). E-learning company, which helps talented people to find software engineers jobs in TIER 1 companies. I interviewed 100 candidates and helped to build a community.
  • Evidence of co-author machine learning contents at a big tech company.
  • 2 Emails/bank statement winning a hackathon (5k$, 3k$)

OC 4

  • PhD from Russian university
  • Published paper in Springer
  • List of published papers, conferences
  • Evidence of integration of my research to companies software (user guide screenshot)
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