Please Review my Application for Exceptional Promise- Tech Non profit founder

Hi everyone,

I’m extremely grateful to have chanced on this forum. As I prepare for my GTV app, wonder if anyone with experience can help advice if the below plan will be sufficient:

Background: Tech Non-profit founder championing the efforts of advancing digital literacy in Ghana and ultimately Africa amongst young girls and females in university. Previous work experience of 5 years in banking from an indigenous Ghanaian bank, as well as working with a subsidiary of the Caribbean’s largest bank. Actively involved in digital transformation of the bank as evidenced by my LOR.

Category: Exceptional Promise, business

Letter of Recommendations (all specifically mentioning my skillset, contribution and promise in tech with examples)

  • LoR from CTO (of a country outside of UK) for one of Ghana’s largest banks, confirming my working relationship with his department
  • LoR from US Technology investor, entrepreneur and director/member of multiple boards of tech companies
  • LoR from CEO of Fintech startup with $10million raise


  1. Publications/recognition in credible national online media outlets, and granted radio and TV interviews, links available on YouTube
  2. Endorsement from local and international organisations as evidenced by emails and work contracts, as well as partnership with one of UK’s largest charity’s in relation to one of our flagship programs(after-school coding bootcamp for young girls using university students studying tech subjects to act as role models and build confidence and work experience)

3. Evidence of impact through hosting an annual youth capacity building Conference for female university students pursuing STEM subjects
4. Launched and co-hosted a podcast giving female university students a platform to share inspiring stories of the challenges they face as women in tech
5. Launch of grant awarding scheme for unemployed youth


  1. Recognition letter by local MP/Senator of impact in the community
  2. Recommendation letter by CEO of one of largest tech firms in Ghana
  3. Evidence of international work internships coordinated IFO female university students in Ghana with businesses in the UK
  4. Proof of company registration as CEO

Thank you! @May @Francisca_Chiedu

Outside your contribution to a tech nonprofit. What is your productled experience? Does your nonprofit have a product. You don’t seem to have sufficient evidence to apply, your evidence are mostly reference letters. Tech Nation states that recommendation letters alone are not sufficient. For MC what was the publication and interview about? Which tech sector are you recognised for?

For OC1, how does the listed evidence prove innovation? You need to show the product developed, add notes on why it is innovative. I understand that you are a non-profit but what are your revenue numbers and other metrics for distribution of your product?

The listed evidence for OC2 is also not relevant to the criteria.

Generally, I think you did not read the guide enough to understand the requirement for Tech Nation endorsement application. Most evidence provided do not meet the criteria.