Please Rate my Stage 1 Application

Hi All!

My Name is Mo, A Business Development specialists and Solutions Arcitect. I hold a Honors Degree in Finance and have close to 5 years experience in the blockchain space with NFTs, Defi, Mining and Blockchain development solutions looking to move to the UK to foster the growth of my Company Curate, a Gasless Multichain NFT marketplace

I’m preparing my EXCEPTIONAL PROMISE stage 1 application and would really love to gain some critical feedback from anyone that’s been through a similar process.

Below is my current plan for submission :

Note - Some info may seem to exceed the 10 doc limit as i included that evidence within my CV

Mandatory Criteria:
Reference letter from my partner at Curate - Detailing my contributions to the companies success technically,business and marketing.
Reference letter from my mentor - A prominent business leader in South Africa - Since he knows me for over 6 years, His letter provides deep context to my entrepreneurial journey outlining the 1000 + Miner cryptocurrency mining company i setup in canada, amongst other contributions to the field.
CTO at a Software firm in USA - My deep understanding of the technical workings of cryptocurrency, and my success within the field and contributions to the success of the projects I’m involved in.

First Optional - Innovation

Two examples of innovation - Led the development of a One Tap NFT minting solution and a cross-chain NFT and Token Technical Payment flow. As well as Created a solution that reduced the high NFT minting costs on Ethereum by 99%
Employment Contract with Curate - $150k + a year
Curate Financial Projections indicating an analysts projections based on my companies current performance (High 7 Figures)

Optional 2 - Impact of Innovation

Examples of Impact - User growth over the 3 months of operation with signaled exponential growth.
Money saved by users due to my minting cost solution
User feedback on my one-tap minting feature
Liquidity and Volume growth on our token as a result of my pipelines
Reference letter from a contractor in Marketing i worked with who witnessed my activities first hand

On top of this i was able to cover additional info inside my CV such as my Achievements, Media appearances and Keynote speeches:

Featured on :
London Economic
Yahoo Finance
Forbes (TBA)

Speaking opportunities
Bitcoin Africa - Bridging the Gap between the Traditional world and blockchain
Synopsis Russia - NFTs, The digital identity of the Metaverse

Award Nominations
Innovator of the Year - Sigma World
Crypto Investor of the year - People’s choice Crypto awards
NFT marketplace of the year - Curate

3 Reference Letters
#1 - Leader in the Blockchain Space and CEO of a top #250 Blockchain company
#2 - CEO @ an award winning blockchain Development company in Australia
#3 Senior Partner and Founder at a Blockchain Advisory Firm in the UK with a track record of $100mil + raised and creating 2 unicorns

I really appreciate your time reading this, and I’d love to hear your feedback on your thoughts on my application. If anything is unclear I’m happy to answer any further Q’s


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Your app looks strong to me for a business applicant! Best of luck!

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Update - I received my endorsement


congratulations on your endorsement.

You applied for EXCEPTIONAL Promise, right? Did you get talent or promise?