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I have 15 years of industry experience in IT projects life cycle using strong analytical, programming, and functional skills to translate the business requirements into state-of-art technical solutions. Driven with high motivation to add value to assigned tasks in terms of efficiency and reusability. Cognitively aware to live up to the responsibilities given by senior management. A good team member with deep understanding of collaborative style of team work to strive towards project shared vision and efficient team cohesion. Provided end to end technical expertise for the team to develop and design high quality solutions using Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid project methodologies.

out of 15 years, I have Worked with G.B.M for about 8 years and deployed to the client which is a bank to develop fintech apps on oracle. the other 2 companies are service based companies so not mentioning them.

I can get 3 letter of recommendations
a.) Head of applications (previously working as busniess anlyst with me)
b) 2 letters from my client (2 different AGMs)
and i have multiple appreciation letters from my client on successfully creating new financial applications.
c) one letter from financial head in Singapore where i have helped them to migrate and deploy RRS MAS 610 product extracts using oracle backend packages.

out of work is my latest data science project done for my MS degree in UK.
Plus i have helped other teams to solve their technical issues related to mobile apps and interbanking apps

Kindly let me know if I qualify for tech nation visa

Hello Sandeep,
The information you have provided needs clarifications:

  1. “2 letters from my client (2 different AGMs)”
  • what is an AGM?
  • why 2 letters? (2 letters from the same referee is not acceptable – the rule is 3 letters from 3 different referees)
  1. Did you develop applications specifically for individual clients (custom-made type of application) or commercial applications (products) available on the market to anyone?
    Additionally, please note that:
  2. Scientific papers done in pursuit of a MS degree won’t be considered as evidence by Tech Nation.
  3. “Financial head” is not an expert in Tech and so is hardly eligible to endorse your application unless the company the person works at is a technology company.

Kind regards,