Please rate my profile of globel talent, a data scientist /co-founder in fashion-tech startup

Hi everyone,
I am on my way to apply globel telant visa. I am lead data Scientist and the co-founder of a tech startup. I was the data Scientist of the company, and I was invited to be co-founder after two years collaborations. Now I have been as co-founder for 3 years.
While I am proparig evidentce, I am so uncertain if I am qualified enough to apply this category.

My main concerns and questions are:

  1. I have no market leadership evidence outside of my occupation in MC. For instance, no public speach nor be a panel or a mentor in a structured program. I know NT has raised their bar recently, not sure if I have only the evidence related to my role for MC would be enough.
  2. Not sure how to demonstrate imapct when the revenue is not that much as the business is early.
  3. Is it ok to reuse evidences in MC2&OC1 and one letter in LoR&OC3?
  4. How much I should put focus on co-founder role in my personal statement? The role is more about identifyinng market gaps and design a solution with clients. I am worried it would dilute the my tech background as a data scientist and I am worried it will confuse panels.

Here are the evidences I prepared. Please review it and see if I miss anything.


  • From a CTO of a startup being a series entrepreneur.
  • From the President of my previous employer, Company K
  • From the CEO of a tech VC. They are one of our VC investors.


  1. A reference letter from a mart-tech startup CEO in a tech background. The startup is in 500+ program and has raise 2.4M (USD) funding.


  1. Contract and confirmation for New York incubator, with a reference letter.
  2. Contract and confirmation lead Fashion company incubator + investment.
  3. Innovate UK grants, three grants valued £ xxxk


  1. The co-founder contract and option vesting recording.
  2. Fundraising record, valuation.


  1. Innovation: introduction of the solutions + dev record. Explain why this solution is innovative and how I contribute to it. (Forum: Addressing a problem in a new way)
  2. Three taxonomy of three my products. To support the view of innovation and the how it helps on their business.
  3. Traction: contract with Client 1, Client 2 Department A, Client 2 Department B, Client 2 Department C. Summary of their value.
  4. Evidence of employment contract with salary information, including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings. With valuation to prove the high value.
  5. innovate UK grant proofs. (The same as MC2)


  1. Solution architecture record + Azure Screenshots + GitHub Screenshots
  2. A recommendation letter from the current CEO and my co-founder to support point 1.
  3. Two reference letters from pre-colleagues to showcase how my contribution and leadership have benefited their work.
  4. An algorithm patent in previous employer Company K
  5. A recom letter from previous employer Company K (the same one as LoR)

Please review my list and kindly guide me how I can strengthen my profile.
Every thought is appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Please review if you have time. Many thanks @Francisca_Chiedu

@ichun_Han As far as I know we are not allowed to repeat evidences

@moorjaniajay thank you so much. I overlook this. I will just allocate the evidence to only one criteria. In this case, would you recommend put innovate UK grants proofs in MC or OP1?

I think you can put in both. If I was you I would put that in MC :slight_smile:

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