Please Rate My Profile For Talent

Hi people, I would like to share my evidences for Exceptional Talent. Could you check them and tell me if these evidences enough to apply.

I’m highly concerned that

  • a lot of things are just fit into the 5 years, from 2018/19-ish, much older than 1-2 years
  • a lot of things are github-based (spread over different orgs, over 10 years, from which I highlight last 5, almost everything is public though)

1-LOR: Director at MAANG, CEO of a startup which has been acquired (my skip-skip, I’m just a developer) and now a MAANG’s subsidiary; we were working 1-1 during early startup time
2-LOR: CTO of acquired startup (he left before acquisition), now a “senior staff engineer” at a UK startup, recently became a public traded company
3-LOR: CEO of the previous small non-UK company (~50 employees in linkedin). The product is fully private (medtech) - having hard time proving this company is really product-led w/o consuming evidence slot :cold_sweat:


  • (1) Contract with a MAANG subsidiary company: salary, bonus contract pages, screenshot of granted stock in from broker site, P60
  • (2) Screenshots supporting LOR1: relevant pages in public help portal of the subsidiary company what I built, LOCs I committed to it’s codebase (~300K, Question does this make sense for them?)
  • (3) Contract with the previous non-UK company, worked from home country: salary, job title description pages, monthly invoice (Question is it ok to be a contractor in a product-led company, or strictly “employee”?)


  • (4) Me in jury of a local hackathon (more than 100 participants, 2018, all-together photo attached)
  • (5) My 2 talks in last 5yrs (1 page each)
    • a) in 2018: more than 50 members, all-together photo attached, non-english, video with <100 views :sob:
    • b) in 2019: about 100 people, english, video with >100 && <1000 views :sob:, unfortunately no all-together photo :sob:, contacted the organizer, he could confirm >100, attached his linkedin) Question: how to handle this case in a better way?
  • (6) mentoring (1 page each)
    • a) teaching a course in a university, photo attached, less than 100 people, 2018
    • b) stackoverflow: total reach = >10k && <100k people
    • c) profile: <50 mentored students (Question: worth it? do they know about that or only care about numbers?)
  • (7) Me building “communities” (1 page each)
    • a) link to an active awesome list with > 100 contributors Question: will technation understand this?
    • b) a github org with a mission and several repos, 5 contributors, few stars
    • c) me doing a podcast about software (non-english, twitter account has <100 followers, :sob:)


  • (8) my OSS contributions to big 3rd parties: Github profile + 2 pages of highlights PRs to projects with >10k stars within the last 5 years: in particular my small commit to the ethereum main repo (code, not docs) and more substantial PRs into less-known orgs/repos/libraries

  • (9) personal OSS projects: my profile at a package server (not npm :sweat_smile:) with total downloads and 2 pages with highlights of specific projects I created and updated in the last 5 years. (Question: is it ok to refer a repo created more than 5 years ago, but updated in 2021/22?)

  • (10) GitHub screenshots supporting LOR3 specifically: github PRs to the medtech libraries; PRs to a well-known webframework the company used, specifically done because edge-case hit the company (> 10k stars, <100k stars) (Question: how good TechNation is at knowing what’s frameworks and a pull request?)

@Francisca_Chiedu, @Victrr Would be really happy to hear your thoughts!

I don’t understand most of your evidence. for the mandatory criteria showing two difference salary related evidnece is not good enough. What other evidence do you have to show your contribution to the sector?

Your stacjk over floc contribution can be on its own.
Any speaking event with less than 100 attendees may not be considered.

Thank you for talking time and reply

Could you elaborate, please? :pray:

What if the product of the company contributed to the sector and I made a major contribution to the company’s codebase (GitHub contributors screenshot)
Besides, could GitHub contributions be shared between MC and OC3?
However, as I said before, most of my evidences related to Github and OSS

Do you mean the whole “mentoring” evidence better to link to to MC instead of OC2?

Yeah, I’ve read it… How could I give evidence for at least one if there’s no photo left? Is an additional letter from the organizer ok?