Please, rate my profile for stage 1 (Programmer/CTO in Healthtech)

Hi everyone,

I plan to apply for Global Talent Visa - exceptional promise.

I’m a co-founder/CTO of a health-tech startup. I’ll appreciate suggestions and feedback.

Letters of Recommendation:

  1. LOR1 – VP Engineering of a health genomics research tech startup with valuation of over $80m. We met and started working together when his company contracted my startup on an API project.

  2. LOR2 – Venture Partner and also CEO of a messaging SaaS platform with valuation of over $40m. He is a mentor and an investor in my startup

  3. LOR3 – Angel Investor and Co-Founder of a health insurance startup with valuation of over $100m. He was the first mentor I ever had when I started my company and he’s been helpful throughout my startup journey.


MC1 - You led the growth of a product-led digital technology company, product or team inside a digital technology company, as evidenced by reference letter(s) from leading industry expert(s) describing your work, or as evidenced by news clippings, lines of code from public repos or similar evidence.

Evidence 1

A 3-paged document that highlights achievements (with pictures and news clip links) garnered by my health-tech startup which include grants won by different bodies both (local and international), recognition from Y-Combinator – the best accelerator in the world, SAFEs signed by investors.

Evidence 2

A 3-paged document that highlights my contributions and impact to the growth of the startup.

Evidence 3

Reference letter from CEO of a data infrastructure cloud platform whom my startup currently integrates with.

Evidence 4

Reference letter from a renowned digital marketing expert who was a lead in one of the accelerators that I participated on behalf of my startup


OC1 – (Innovation)

Innovation 1

My health-tech startup which currently generates $15k MRR and is being used by up to 60 health providers.

Evidence used:

  • Incorporation documents both in US and in Nigeria, with shareholding information.
  • Sales report and analysis that shows all customers, their location, income generated, and distribution channel (with breakdown of when they were achieved)

Innovation 2

A programming campaign, Code2dFuture (now defunct) that I co-founded which taught 1000+ kids how to write code and got government backing.

Evidence used:

  • Pictures of the project and Github profiles of graduated students who are now programmers.
  • Document of approval and support from state government.

OC2 - (Impact)

Evidence 1

Links and pictures of Github repo contributions, email snapshots of project timelines and cloud architecture designs.

Evidence 2

My impact on the product with screenshots of AWS cloud activities


i have two questions please,

  1. why did not yet attach the filed account for your startup?
  2. how were you recognised in Y-combinator?

Hi Maya,

  1. By “filed account”, do you mean income statement/audited account? If yes, I have that and I can definitely add it.

  2. I got to interview stage of YC on their last batch, and was recently sent an email again to apply for the current batch saying I was amongst 10% of companies that applied worldwide on the last batch.

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yes, this is what i refer to for filed accounts. Make sure if you are not within the UK, currencies are converted.

Best of luck


Endorsement received! Thanks