Please Rate My Profile For Promise

Please rate this profile for promise, thanks very much!

Background: I am a product manager for game industry under 5 years.

**Recommendation Letters
1.CMO at the partner companies where I worked with to evaluate my work
2.Professor, deputy dean of an university in innovation and internet information field to recognise my work
3.CEO at the startup where I work

**Mandatory Evidence

  1. Employment contract with salary information - salary is not high but I think it can prove my working relationships with the company
  2. Media coverage - not famous international media
  3. Reference letter from my former CMO of my partner companies

**OC 2

  1. A letter of invitation to work as a career development mentor for students who want to enter the games industry at University A. The duration of the course was 6 months.
  2. A certificate from School A attesting to my continued mentorship.
  3. A letter of thanks from the student club at University B (uk university) for my work in teaching them how to make a game during one of the semesters.
  4. A letter of invitation from the games industry inviting me to speak at an industry conference. The invitation letter described the reasons for wanting me to speak as well as the direction I was expected to take and the number of attendees.

**OC 3

  1. Reference letter from my Senior Global Director at a previous company to show my commercial impact
  2. Screenshot of my product has been distributed/promoted to many oversea websites. Also, it can be downloaded from Google Play, more than 10,000+ people download and rate it.

Please Any feedback is really appreciated! Thanks very much! @May @Francisca_Chiedu

OC2 - Invitations alone do not suffice. Pictures, video links, media coverage of you in action are crucial. Statistics on the size of mentorship are also important as one-on-one mentorships are not regarded. Additional details about the originating entities (I mean those inviting you) are equally important.


hi @ask4jubad

Thanks very much for your help!

I do not have any public videos online, do you think the pictures of me lecturing to students as a mentor at university acceptable? As well as a certificate from the university showing the duration of my lectures, the number of attendance, the reasons for inviting me and the lecture outline.

Thanks again and hope you have a nice day! :slight_smile:


You don’t have sufficient evidence to meet the criteria.

  1. If the salary is not high then no point adding it.
  2. Media coverage of what?
  3. What’s the reference letter about?


  1. Letter of invitation is not sufficient.
    Note that “You must be able to demonstrate a consistent track record of mentoring and have received recognition for your personal contribution. Mentoring at a university or a single startup is not sufficient. When mentoring alongside other mentors (for example at a top-tier accelerator) you must have been a senior mentor that may be evidenced through a letter of reference from the programme”. All you evidence for OC2 are not strong enough to meet the criteria.

OC3, if the letter is well written to demonstrate your impact, it should be fine.


thanks very much for your reply!

I was also invited by the university to be a lecturer for a semester on how to make games using unity 3D. I have the following evidence of this:

  1. photos of teaching
  2. a certificate from the university with stamp to prove my lecturer experience, and why I’m selected to be the lecturer
  3. a letter of recommendation from the head of teaching to describe how my lecture helped 6. students get into working in the games industry.

Could you please help me check if the evidence is sufficient? @Francisca_Chiedu

Thanks very much!

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It may be fine for promise


Three reference letter:

  1. From a business development manager of a fintech company in Nigeria
  2. From a director of innovation in a uk digital technology company
  3. From a principal backend developer of a Uk company

Mandatory Criteria:

    • You led the growth of a product-led digital technology company, product or team inside a digital technology company, as evidenced by reference letter(s) from leading industry expert(s) describing your work, or as evidenced by news clippings, lines of code from public repos or similar evidence.

i. Letter from a director of a multinational digital technology company in the UK attesting to my role as Lead developer of a high impact product which has made significant contribution to the growth of this company.
ii. The detailed specification of the product
iii. Design architecture of the product which include description of my role as lead developer

    • You have held or hold a significant expert role participating on panels, or individually, assessing the work of others in the same field or a field of specialisation related to the digital technology sector.

i. HR document from hr toolkit indicating my role as departmental head and manager of other developers and testers in a digital technology company in the UK
ii. Copy of email directive to set target and evaluate the performance of developers due for promotion from HR department

    • You command a high salary or other remuneration for your services, as evidenced by commercial or employment contracts with salary information including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings.

i. Employment contract from a digital technology company in the UK with salary above 50,000pounds.
ii. Letter of salary increment in January, 2023

3) How do I demonstrate that I have made a significant** technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder, senior executive, board member or employee of a product-led digital technology company**?

    • Having worked as a key engineer in the core product of a start-up, showing evidence as to how you have contributed to its success.

i. Letter from a senior management member who is also a backend developer of medium FINTECH startup company I founded in 2022 in the UK
ii. Design architecture, wireframe and details specifications of a widely use high impact digital product I led the development and deployment in the UK that describe my role


    • A letter of support from a research supervisor or other expert in your area of expertise affirming their potential world-class standard. This is in addition to the required letters of recommendation and must be written by another individual;

i. Letter of support from my masters degree thesis supervisor

    • Evidence of awards received for outstanding applied work, supported by excellent academic achievement (a first-class degree or distinction);

i. My masters degree certificate with distinction

    • Evidence of presentations at a peer-reviewed conference, or evidence of being awarded competitive peer-reviewed research grants.

i. Evidence of presenting in an international digital technology conference in Dubai in 2022
2. Certificate as a session chair in the conference
3. Copy of the paper I presented which was published as open journal
4. Payment receipt and letter of support showing that the conference was sponsored by my employer in the UK

@Francisca_Chiedu and others, please let me know your thought.