Please Rate My Exceptional Talent Evidence List

Hi guys, could you please share your opinion on my evidence set for Exceptional Talent? I am in an emotional swing and am often sure that this is not enough and I should cancel the attempt.

Personal Statement
I am a product designer, team leader of a design team, from a British technology company (machine learning). I am planning to move to London and continue working for my company.

More than 15 years in design, from creative agencies and outsource SW development companies to ML Product Startup.

Letters of Recommendation:

  1. From the founder of my current company, an internationally recognised entrepreneur with several successful businesses (USA)

  2. From the Chairman of the Board of Directors of my current company (UK)

  3. From my former manager who is now a VP at a major digital tech startup (Estonia)

Mandatory Criteria - Leadership

  1. High salary evidence (current contract + GlassDoor Info for my country)
  2. A letter from the organisers of a large regional conference (3000 participants from whole Europe) that I spoke from the main stage and was invited because of my unique expertise. + Photos from the event
  3. A letter from organisers of big software and design contest which was attended by over 1000 people and where I was the judge of the design panel in 2016-2017. + Photos from the events

OC 1 - Innovations

  1. Description of a user interface design innovation (a principle that simplifies user interaction with a complex Machine Learnig-based system) that I have implemented in my company and that market leaders are considering to implement in their systems. 3 pages doc with the description and some photos. Unfortunately no patents, just some description with diagrams and photos of working in action.

  2. Letter of support from CTO of my company with description of my impact into innovative ML products that my company creates.

OC 2 - Activities outside of work

  1. Evidence of mentorship (online mentorship platforms profiles with reviews, photos from my pro-bono lectures)

OC 3 - Technical contribution and impact

  1. Examples of my design work - maybe my portfolio or screenshots of my works

  2. Letter of support from my former colleague, now chief designer in big international company about my work as Design Team Lead on my previous job

  3. Letter of support from my former manager from my current company, now senior manager from US company, about my help in building a highly qualified design department in my current company

What weaknesses do you see? What can be improved?

Thanks for the help!

Two of your recommenders are linked to your current employer, they will pretty much give similar recommendations.

You need to make up your mind about the optional criteria, you can’t submit evidence for three.

Hi Francisca, many thanks for your reply!

I missed that ‘evidence of 2’ means no more than two, thanks for pointing out. I think they are easy to transfer to OC3, as contributions.

Hi there! A couple of quick thoughts:

OC3 seems to be where you can lean in a bit to improve your chances. You’ll want to ensure that all your letters of reference include the quantifiable impact of your work. For example, for #8 and 9, they need to go beyond “@mitt89 is a great designer and good at his job.” They need to show that through your work, change/growth/development happened for the product/feature/company. Always use numbers. Additionally, can you uplevel some of your reference letters? #9 feels a bit junior - shoot for the highest level of referer you can that is familiar with your work. Think Director level or above.

For #7, in addition to referencing your work in a profile, can you include screenshots of articles in well-respected publications (Forbes, TechCrunch, Biz Insider, etc.) of your work in the media? Has it won any awards that you can include?

Hi @mclarenf1, thanks for your reply!

#9 feels a bit junior - shoot for the highest level of referer you can that is familiar with your work. Think Director level or above.

for #9 I can ask my current company Design Director, but is it ok to have a main stream of support letters from one company?

Has it won any awards that you can include?

the project I was working on won several industry awards for innovation, but that was in 2017, which is obviously more than 5 years old. Do they expire?

@Francisca_Chiedu @mclarenf1 I also just noticed that I only have one evidence in OC2. Is there a minimum limit on the amount of evidence for one criteria for Exceptional Talent?

Not an issue that your Dir. of Design is from the same company as another letters of reference, but I wouldn’t have too many. For my current role, I had a LoR from my CEO, and then a letter of reference as a piece of evidence from another member of the C-team. Just ensure that the letters address specific different projects you worked on that satisfy the requirement.

minimum of two evidence