Please rate my application under business - exceptional promise

Quick note: I’m not expecting any detailed replies for this post. I just want to have a general idea as to if this can work before i begin to drill down into my application. Please help, a simple reply would help a lot. Thanks.


I want to apply for the TN exceptional promise business route. I have endorsement letters from 2 former colleagues- 1 was the CTO for the largest bureau of its type in the country i reside in and the other was from the head launcher for the tech company i currently work for who are in 35 countries and are well known. Since 2016 i have been highly interested in on-demand tech platforms like Uber and Bolt, i currently work in that line of tech business as a sales executive. I am expecting a letter of reference from a former classmate of mine who has gone on to found one of the larger jobtech platforms in Nigeria. The entire premise of my application is based on my experience in the on-demand tech scene. I wrote a book/manual in 2018 on how to help people get into the space and my articles on a popular nigerian forum were viewed over 100,000 times. i worked as a bolt brand ambassador with over 2000 referrals. And i would like to go to the UK to work in that space, i have identified that the UK has a growing demand in the on-demand tech space. What do you think of my chances please?

It is not clear if you are eligible. Reference letter from your immediate colleague and former classmate may not be suitable. You need to list your evidence in relation to the eligibility criteria so that you can get more feedback from the forum.

Thanks Francisca. Ill do just that

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