Please rate my application (Startup founder)

Hi all,
I’m the co-founder and CEO of an early-stage startup that provides AI-powered road management services. Last year, we started to work on our startup relocation to the UK, and in the past year, we made fantastic progress. Now, I intend to apply for TN endorsement as an exceptional promise. Please rate my application.

1- Full professor and former department chair of the university I graduated from (it’s one of the top 3 Iranian universities)
2- My startup strategic advisor
3- Senior manager of big data & AI at Iranian unicorn startup
Led the growth of a product-led digital technology company, as evidenced by:
1- My startup article of association, which shows I’m a co-founder and a shareholder
2- A reference letter from a well-known expert in the road management industry in Iran (my country) who is a full professor at one of the top 3 Iranian universities too
3- A reference letter from an associate director of a great infrastructure management advisory firm in the UK
4- Video clip from the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) about my startup innovation
5- News articles from my university website and other news agencies about my startup innovation
Innovation/product development, as evidenced by:
6- Description of my startup product and its level (MVP and pre-revenue)
7- A letter from the principal technologist of the UK national highways innovation partner about my startup innovation
*I might be able to add a letter of intent for my startup product subscription from a large international civil engineering firm here.
Significant business contribution, as evidenced by:
8- Pre-seed fundraising contract in Iran
9- Pre-seed fundraising contract in the UK
10- Document of leads generated and processes developed & implemented

Q: For the 10th piece of evidence, I generated leads in the global road management market, but I don’t know what document should I submit to prove that.

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Your mandatory criteria could be better. Outside your startup do you have any industry recognition or contribution? Speaking engagements? Award? Industry refohny?

Thank you for answering.
Not sure if I can add anything. I will check again. Did you mean that this evidence might not be enough for a successful application?