Please rate my application for Exceptional Talent

Hi, here is my applications. Your thoughtful comments will be helpful for me.

About me:

  • Computer Engineer (MSc.)
  • CTO of a startup (rank tracker SaaS tool like Semrush, managing 20+ tech people)
  • AWS Community Builder (3 times)
  • Co-organizer of Cloud & Serverless Turkey

Dissolved digital technology business(es):

  • Story of two startups I build and closed. image4io (SaaS) and Notedu (lecture note marketplace).

Personal Statement:

  • Story about me, being computer engineer and what I’m currently doing.
  • My community work. We organized largest AWS Community Day of the World (2 times) and many other community events.
  • How I contribute to UK digital sector.
  • My history as tech trainer.
  • My academic career.

Doc List:
1- Diplomas of MSc and BSc of Computer Engineering.
2- Academic Publications, 2 with 7 citation.
3- Certificates, mostly about AWS, best one AWS Solutions Architect Associate
4- Digital Impact & List of Speaking Engagements
5- Glassdoor SS of CTO salary.
6- CV
7- Letter from CEO of my company
8- Upwork Profile, Top Talent, over $10K+ earning
9- Employment contract

Reference Letters
1- GM of Turkey of Global Digital Company
2- Manager and Investor of VC
3- Associate Professor who I worked together on my masters degree.

MC: 3,4,5,6,7
I’m not sure about OCs. I’m think about to select 1 and 3 but here is my list.
OC1 (as a founder or senior executive): 6,9,7
OC2 (contributes to the advancement of the field): 2,4
OC3 (significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field): 4,6,7,9
OC4 (exceptional ability): 1,2

I’m open to any honest and brutal comment that may improve my application.

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What’s the cred of that professor?
Given that you’re going for technical application [not academic], there might be value in getting LOR from 1 of your employers or related to dissolved tech businesses. Just my opinion. I’d replace that w/ #7

what’s that about? is it advancing the field? Transcripts, degrees & diplomas aren’t relevant for non-academic applicant [like founder/professional]

same as above

whats that about? glassdoor just lists market rate of your position. it should at best be used as a addition to employment contract right?

what does this show? contract-based applications aren’t considered by tech-nation if I understand.

its already provided in application as separate item so need not be duplicated as evidence.

Thanks for the comment. I edited post and I try to answered your questions below.

  • As I know I can’t use current colleagues’s reference letter so I can replace it with #7
  • How it is not relevant diploma of MSc. Computer Engineering even if I don’t apply for academic endorsement? I thought being graduated from good university with relevant field support my application.
  • Certifications also as above.
  • Glassdoor SS shows how much my equals on other companies make.
  • Upwork shows that I can contribute to many companies around the world with 5 start rating and being a Top Talent on the platform.
  • CV, ok.

I know for sure based on feedback that someone got from Tech Nation that submitting relevant diploma adds to the evidence for MC and perhaps OC4 but you may need to for instance, submit reference letter 3 from Associate Professor alongside just as you have already indicated. Although the feedback was for Exceptional Promise and not Exceptional Talent.

See snapshot:

I would say to go for OC2 and OC3 because OC1 is usually more difficult to prove and OC1 and OC3 have similar evidence anyway.

Please change 6 to details about one of your dissolved businesses and add 10 as detail about your other dissolved business.

So, I’d do this instead:

MC: 1, 2, 3,4,5 (may change this to a document including a cover letter plus the Glassdoor potential CTO salary), 7, 8, 9
OC2 (contributes to the advancement of the field): 2,4,7, 8, RL3
OC3 (significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field): 6 (after it has been changed), 7, 8, 9, 10 (after it is added).

Note: This is only a suggestion and not a recommendation.

Thank you for great “suggestions”. It is very insightful.

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