Please provide your advice on evidences

Hi Everyone
I am working as a Senior Business analyst in a Product based IT company. I have 9 years of IT experience and 6.5 years of business analysis experience. I have done a Btech in computer science and MBA in Marketing (Both full time).
I have not published any papers, have not given a tech talk, or have not mentored. I have just kept working and working for the company.
I am confused about what will I bring to the table for evidence. Anyone who could suggest to me what can I do will help.
I have taken Professional Scrum Product Owner training from Scrum alliance, and have achieved the certificate for the same
I, my wife, and a friend of mine have a youtube channel that reviews mobile phones (In my native language)
I have recognition received from my previous employer
I have won the best manager competition during my post-graduation - MBA in Marketing

Please provide your suggestions on what can I use from the existing list for evidence. Or what can I do in a short span to get the evidence created (like presenting a paper or tech talk)? If presenting a paper, which type of forums are accepted?

Do you suggest any lawyer/agents support the process? Most of them are charging huge whoever I tried speaking to

Thanks a ton in advance. I am really passionate about this visa and eagerly looking to have a better life. Hope you can relate and would help me with queries.