Please I Would Like A Review Of My Application (Exceptional Promise)

Hello everyone. Please I would like a review of my documents as I want to apply for the Global Talent Visa under exceptional promise.

I am a Product Manager with over 3 years of experience in Product Management.

The pieces of evidence I have are:

  1. My Resume
  2. 3 Recommendation letters from industry experts who know my work
  3. My Statement of Purpose

Mandatory Criteria:

  1. Reference Letter from a C-level staff about my contribution to Company A (Fintech company)
  2. Reference Letter from a C-level staff about my contribution to Company B (AI-backed company)
  3. Reference Letter from a C-level staff about my contribution to Company C (Transporation company)
  4. Competitive Salary
  5. Evidence of my contribution to Company B

Optional Criteria 2

  1. Evidence of contribution to tech/product community via edtech brand (blogging, podcasting, virtual event)
  2. Letter from mentorship organisation for my contribution
  3. Speaking engagement

Optional Criteria 3

  1. Evidence of my contribution to Company A
  2. Evidence of my contribution to Company C

Please I would like a review, thank you.

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@Francisca_Chiedu hello ma’am, please I would really appreciate your review, thank you.

Mandatory criteria is not strong, aside reference letters and salary, what other evidence do you have to show you have potential to become a leader?

Evidence 1, what evidence are you fitting into the three pages limit?
Evidence 2 is this a structured mentorship programme with selection criteria?

Hello @Francisca_Chiedu ,
For Mandatory criteria, I have rearranged it to be

  1. Evidence of leading a FinTech and contributing to Company A as a Product Manager
  2. Reference letter from Company A
  3. Evidence of my contribution to Company B
  4. Reference letter from Company C
  5. Competitive salary

For OC2
Evidence 1: I would be adding the blog, podcast and YouTube reach and virtual event organisation
Evidence 2: This is a structured mentorship for undergraduate students at Covenant University called Hebron Startup Lab.

Your mandatory criteria is mostly related to your work. No external contribution that suggest you re recognised as a leader?

OC2 Evidence 1: are the podcasts, youtube and virtual event same activity or separate events?

I have evidence of speaking to Nigeria Association of Computing Students (NACOS) and I got an award recognition, but I put it under OC2 in my speaking engagement document.

For the OC2 Evidence 1: They are all different activities. To be clear, the blog, the podcast and the virtual events are under the umbrella of my tech educational brand called Collateral Growth.

Please ma’am, what would you recommend to be the best way to arrange my documents?

I think it depends on the quality of the conference. Is this an high profile tech event. If you have an award then it should be in the Mandatory criteria. All these your event are they recent or spread across different years?

Hello @Francisca_Chiedu
The conference was organised by a professional body; the Nigeria Association of Computing Students (NACOS) is the umbrella body for students studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, and all IT-related courses in Nigeria. The award was an award of recognition for coming to speak.

The events are spread across different months from January down to May.

Too many people have used NACOS speaking event, I don’t think it is still considered a sector leading event. It may just be a supporting evidence for OC2 but not strong enough for MC. 2-3 years ago this could work but they have seen more notable conferences and the bar is higher now. The award for speaking at the event is not a plaque to appreciate you for your participation not award of excellence.

The events show January to may is recent close to the timing of your application, this doesn’t meet the requirements.

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Hi @Francisca_Chiedu ,
Thanks for your helpful comments on this and other posts, which I found useful. Can you please let me know if the recommendation letters for the ‘exceptional promise’ route should come from people with backgrounds specifically in digital fields such as IT, telecom, cybersecurity, etc.? A couple of people I can reach out to for recommendation letters are a CEO of a business, a manager of the incubator I’m working in, and a professor in the field of innovation with whom I have worked apart from my own PhD research.

Thanks for your reply, as it will be really appreciated and helpful for me.