Please help to assess my profile as Exceptional talent?

Dear Valuable Members

I’ve been drafting my application for Exceptional talent, and I am looking to get your valuable feedback. I came to know about this visa option just 1 month and still learning and trying to map the criteria. I am not from typical development background but more on latest cloud computing technologies where responsible for designing and deploying business crititcal application like SAP, Kubernetes, CRM, Salesforce etc
I am 41M working on the technical side at digital technology companies which are hardware based. I have total 17 years of industry experience and primarily working. Mostly the technology I have deployed or worked has helped this product companies to enhance their final product in terms of fast product, supply chain etc. so no direct impact on the product they produce.

Evidence and LORs

Personal Statement: With me experience and explaining the major work and achievements and how company got benefit and my future along with queries as asked by Tech nation website.

LORs 1. Senior Director of the current company
2. Senior and renowned Enterprise Architect for one of the Digital Product Led company
3. Another Senior Renowned product owner of one of the Digital Product Led company

Mandatory criteria

  1. Evidence 1: Proof of salary, bonus, and equity
  2. Projects reference with external publication and my name linked to it
  3. Awards related to both the projects
  4. List of 12 certifications from SAP, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, AZURE

Optional Criteria


  1. Recommendation letter from Product manager about the product
  2. Company’s Product finance information about the product alongwith revenue, sales etc
  3. Evidence of product and its proof in the market
    Note: I have not developed this product by myself but implemented and helped in ehnacing it by means of its implementation


  1. Description of 2 projects with external evidence along with proof of success with quantitative data
  2. MC 1 as proof
  3. Architecture diagram of product with my name

Please help me to assess if this will be sufficient. As I am not from typical development side, so with this limitation, leveraging and articulating my experience . Honestly am trying to build a case for me.

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Unfortunately from your evidence and experience I think it would be hard to build your case for Global Talent. If you haven’t I suggest you read the tech nation visa guide completely and other posts in this forum.

Some specific notes on your existing evidences as stated:

Are these “internationally recognised awards” (as required per the guide). If these are internal company awards, they can’t be used as evidence.

Keep in mind you need to compare this to your local market salaries to prove it’s high.

Certifications are not acceptable. From the guide: “training or certificates are also not sufficient for meeting this criterion

OC1 is innovation. Unless you started this company, I unfortunately don’t see how any of the evidences is proof of innovation.

What does this mean?

Perhaps you have spoken at big conferences? Mentored others as part of a structured established program outside of work? Published research in peer reviewed journals?

@yeshellohi: Thanks for your input. I will go through again the tech nation guide . your help in reviewing is much appreciated