Please help review on my profile

Hello All,

I have 14 years of experience in iOS app development. I started my career in 2009 in iOS and did full time job till 2018. In 2018, I started to work as self employed and working as Sr. iOS app development and managing both iOS and Android apps for my client. I’m working with UK client for more than 2 years and product is successful where you got first round of funding also. My client agrees to provide me LOR, other LOR I will get from my other US clients and my reporting manager in last job as well.

I can provide my LinkedIn profile where I received almost 22 various recommissions as well. I will submit my experience letter as technical lead as well in my last job. I have my on own Appstore account with 5-6 apps as well which I created in free time.

I have company registered on my name here in India as well.

I just want to know where I’m eligible for GTV ? and what are other documents I required to submit.

Really appreciate if you could provide your valuable feedback on my profile

I think you should bread the tech nation guide, check the examples of evidence you need to provide for the mandatory and two optional criteria, that way you know what you have.

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It is giving dev shop vibes. Technation does not like that vibe. You have to structure your application (that is if it is possible) to show you are not a dev shop.

Please read the application note on technation website.
All the best