Please help review my documents for Exceptional Promise (Software Engineer)

Hi folks, first thing first - thanks for cultivating such a helpful environment for discussions. I’m preparing my materials for Exceptional Promise and it’d be great to have someone help me review them. Thanks a million!

Personal Statement

Still preparing, mostly my career since graduation, my journey creating my own app with some storytelling here.


Still preparing, mostly my career since graduation. Providing my experience in machine learning research, software engineering, leadership.

Letter of Recommendation

LOR 1 - Senior director from a top university’s innovation & entrepreneurial center. We collaborated on some programs and one of my projects back then was incubated in this center.

LOR 2 - a cofounder of a start-up from a top university, I worked with them in early stage as co-founder and key engineer, now they have raised 2 rounds of funding

LOR 3 - an CEO of an emerging startup I used to work with

Mandatory Criteria

Evidence 1 - A support letter from a principal product manager I worked closely to launch a new product

Evidence 2 - Promotion trace (quick promotion in early stage of career) + salary / pay slip

Evidence 3 - My experience working in the company I mentioned, briefly mentioning the letter from the principal product manager, a online tech talk with our CEO

Optional Criteria 1 (proven track record or examples of innovation in the digital technology sector)

Evidence 4 - A document mentioning ROL 1 and ROL 2 and citing public news from a webpage, another page about my participation of an entrepreneurial event with strict selection process

Evidence 5 - Support Letter A from a user of my own app I developed, in this letter the author will also talk about my characteristics and experience working with me one a separate project (that’s how we know each other)

Evidence 6 - Support Letter B from another user of the app I developed, this user is not from digital field but is well established in their own domain and this domain is one of my targeted user bases to use my app

Evidence 7 - The journal and plan of creating my own productivity app (including GitHub commits, contribution screenshot), which was launched recently, mentioning Support Letter 1 and Support Letter 2. I’m the solo developer of the app, I have done user research, product design, UI design, and coding/ development.

Optional Criteria 3 (significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder, senior executive, board member or employee of a product-led digital technology company)

Evidence 8 - Support Letter C from a start founder who raised small amount of funding from university program (with proof), I worked with them closely as key engineer and engineering advisor

Evidence 9 - Support Letter D from another start founder & CEO who also raised some amount of funding, I worked with them as key engineer, leader of engineering interns, participated in early stage product design prototyping

Evidence 10 - Support Letter E from the CEO of a company I worked for, where I conducted R&D and remove product uncertainties and built prototypes and eventually make the product shippable and save company’s cost.

It’d be great if you could share your general feedback and point out some flaws or weakness of my application. I feel really stressed lately because of this application (perhaps also because of lack of confidence), but this forum has been a great help to me.

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Hey @Francisca_Chiedu , @Victrr , and @somdipdey may I ask help from you to review please? It’d be great to hear your feedback, thanks a lot!

Well done. I think you have too many letters though. Do you have any experience as a mentor? Any awards or nominations? You should add those if you have them

Hey @Olubunmi_Fajuyigbe thanks so much for your reply and comment! Just I haven’t been a mentor yet, and I don’t have public awards or nominations. I also found that I have too many letters… If I have to use these pieces of evidence, is there a way I could increase my odds of success? E.g. get some specific details in the letter, etc.?


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I would advise that you take the eligibility test on Tech Nation’s site, then read the technation visa guide over and over, with a pen and paper in hand. This should help.