Please help review my application - Exceptional talent

Hi everyone!

I would be very grateful if you can help me to review my application.

About me:
I have a Phd in machine learning.
Worked at university A for 5 years.
Worked at company B at defense sector for 6 years. Worked in projects where I was responsible from a subsystem and came up with very innovative solutions.

Reference letters:

  1. Manager at my work - He was managing 3 units one of which was the team i was working in.
  2. Phd supervisor
  3. Director in a company in my field. We were doing our phds at the same time. She knows about my work for more than 12 months.


  1. High salary
  2. Innovative work at Company B. News clipping (not mentioning my name) and LOR from a former colleague (to support that my work and innovative solutions directly affected the results)
  3. Attendance to an international NATO specialists meeting that is only open to limited number experts in this area.


  1. Additional project from Company B. (Again with news clipping and evidence of my contributions)
  2. Another project from Company B. (News clipping)
  3. My thesis results during my Phd that outperformed all similar works in my area. LOR from another professor.


  1. Journal publication with 40+ citations.
  2. Conference talk-1.
  3. Conference talk-2. (I am also considering to put this to the MC evidences instead of Nato meeting as i did not talk there)
  4. Phd certificate

Also I have seen in a Youtube video that evidences about a persons application included some case studies that she explained her work. Do you have experience or suggestions about this? I believe explaining my work could be helpful for my case.

Thanks in advance.