Please help review AI application for Exceptional Promise

Hi ,
I am applying for GTV Exceptional Promise as AI & Machine Learning Engineer/Researcher.

I am 25 years old. I did my BSc CS in 2021. I worker for a Company A during my last year part time alongside BSc. Resigned. Then joined Company B as full time after graduation for a year. Resigned. Then came to UK for MSc DS in Sept 2022. Alongside, worked as an RA part time at the same Uni.

I graduated from MSc in Jan 2024. Now, I am Lecturing & Researching at the same University. And also established my own startup based on MSc DS dissertation.

Please provide feedback wherever possible to help me strengthen application.

Recommendation Letters

  • Managing Director, Company B
  • Senior IEEE Member, Assistant Professor — Undergrad second supervisor
  • Director, Company A
  • Professor, Postgraduate lecturer, Talks about my Startup
  • CEO, Company X, Knows my work well, and we networked but did not work directly

MC — Leadership Potential & Significance

  • Founder, Stealth Startup, officially started recently but research as part of MSc

    • Explaining impact in tech ecosystem, focusing on innovation, market need, and potential benefits.
    • Evidence of registration, IP applied for product name
    • Evidence of Microsoft for Startups acceptance — Raised monetary and other benefits
    • Evidence by link of website and PoC screenshots, Methodology Diagram
  • Company B — Started after graduation

    • Enabled significant innovation that enabled revenue growth
    • Screenshots of recommendations by colleagues on LinkedIn — Highlighting leadership qualities
    • Commanded a high salary job and Rapid Growth
      • I compared by salary with Indeed AVG salaries, here
      • Worked as a Product Manager, and rapid growth after every 3 months from Python Dev, then TPM, than PM
        • Python Developer, Fresh Graduate, Salary was EXTREME% higher
        • Technical Project Manager, Salary was EXTREME * 2% higher
        • Product Manager, Salary was EXTREME * 2 * 2% higher
      • Evidence of salary slips and/or bank statement
  • Undergraduate + Postgraduate — Grades, Awards

    • BSc in Computer Science
      • 3.94 / 4.0 CGPA, 98.5% Marks, Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude Honors
        • Added screenshots of portal, degree, medal, and etc
      • National recognition and funding for final year project
        • Explaining Innovation, my contribution, and etc
        • Screenshot of Award list/link and recent email from gov for survey
    • MSc in Data Science
      • So far 69% marks, with strong chances of distinction
      • Screenshot of Student records grades


OC2 — Recognised for work outside immediate occupation

  • Top Data Science Voice, LinkedIn — Based on contributions to articles

    • Screenshot of LinkedIn Profile
    • Screenshot of posts sharing insights/videos. The amount of likes and comments etc
    • Letter of support on LinkedIn by a CEO with good profile
  • Reviewer + Code Contributor

    • Reviewer at Journal at Open Research Software (Screenshots of emails, review etc) — Ensure credibility and quality of the code software produced
    • Github Contribution — A library with 80K stars
      • Screenshot of active Github profile with badges and contributions
      • Screenshot of a merged pull request, and open pull request and discussion
      • Updated documentation that helps the community understand better and contributed a Tool package
  • Volunteer Coordination Officer — British Computing Society

    • Arrange talks with other volunteers of established tech people, which enables knowledge sharing, networking, professional collaboration
    • Screenshot of website with my position and name
    • Screenshot of Emails from Chair for request for volunteer
    • Pictures from some organised event with details

OC4 - Academic Contributions

  • Associate Head of School, University A, Research Supervisor for MSc

    • Talk about my work/dissertation in details
    • Evidence of Github Repository Invite for Collaboration
  • Professor in UK, Talks about our work together on a UK Org Project

    • Has a significant research/academic profile
    • Evidence of emails conversation with org, me & professor
    • The org member was appreciating my work — did data analysis for them
  • Publications

    • Publication of abstract — Peer reviewed — ICSA Conference 2023 —
      • It was innovative and completely new approach
      • Evidence of moderator feedback, he emphasised on innovation and etc
      • Links to publication and screenshots
    • Publication:
      • ResearchGate posted technical report which was read & reviewed
        • 66 reads & 2.4 impact score
        • Provides insights into the crimes in England

You have the potential to get endorsed but the issue is how long have you worked with the Companies you have listed. Also your startup hasn’t gained traction. Just getting into an accelerator is not enough to demonstrate leadership. I think your OC2 and OC4 may be your strength, you may want to move some of the evidence there to the mandatory. Do you have any news clipping for your work or conference speaking?

Hi thank you for your feedback, I did a podcast on Oct, 2023 - with a company that has 48K+ followers on LinkedIn, and I talked about my startup journey and shared innovative concepts about my journey. The podcast had about 280 views and 3 comments. Do you think that can support my startup ? Also adding a professor letter form my MSc in support of my startup.

I worked with Company B for nearly a year – MC criteria.

I compiled a below description:

In a podcast with X on Oct 2023, a digital technology company with a significant following of 48K on LinkedIn, I delved into the challenges and triumphs of my entrepreneurial journey in the tech sector, focusing on an innovative approach to integrating academic research and startup development. My discussion highlighted a pioneering concept: aligning dissertation topics with startup goals, enabling a streamlined path for research and development in technology. This approach not only optimizes resources but also enhances the relevance and impact of academic work in real-world applications.

The episode, attracting 263 views and engaging discussions through 3 comments to date, served as a platform to share insights on fostering innovation within the UK’s tech ecosystem. My contribution to this dialogue underscores my commitment to driving forward-thinking solutions and my potential to inspire and contribute significantly to the UK’s digital technology landscape.

The numbers are few but you can use it.

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