Please help rate my application (Talent or Promise)

Hello Here, below is my background, kindly suggest which pathway should I adopt. Experience Talent or Promise?

  • Education: 16 yrs - Bachelors in Computer Science.
  • Work Experience: 5 years
  • Work Domain: Product / Application Support, Integration and Deployment, Telecom BSS Operations.
  • Certification: ITIL v4 in IT Service Management.
  • Evidence: Experience Letter from company and other mandatory docs can be provided.

Thanks !!

If you have worked in the digital technology field for more than 5 years, you will have to go for the Exceptional Talent route only, not the promising talent route.
Read more about your eligibility criteria at

Outside of that, you will need to be able to explain the period where you had a break in between or something, which made your work in the field less than 5 years.

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Am also from same Telecom background , but you seems to be not qualify for either promise nor talent.

Please read the technation guide lines you need to have lot of qualifications and lot of work to do if you need to get this visa.

MC : Lead a conference and developed a product for NGO or product led company to show your a leadership in your field.( proof media or news cut mandatory)

OC2: Mentoring a startup or university students , lead a conference.( proof media or news cut mandatory)

OC3 : Developed a product for your company which turned to be huge success , proof certificate or award or appraisal letter.

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