Please help me rate my Exceptional Promise Visa Documents

Good day everyone, I’m John Agbanusi a full stack developer with 3 years of experience planning on applying for the exception promise status visa to move to the UK.

Thank you very much in advance

Recommendation Letters:

  • Letter from Tech team lead in previous role
  • Letter from current employer/CTO
  • Letter from Co-Founder of a known startup in Nigeria
  • Letter from team lead in previous startup

Mandatory Criteria:

  • Proof of global tech hackathon win with a team
  • Open source
  • Blogs publications

Optional Criteria 1:

  • A pitch deck with a home page and App prototype for a future startup in the works with the main co-founder in the UK

Optional Criteria 2:

  • Multiple hackathon collaborations
  • Active GitHub profile
  • Some open source contributions through code commits

Optional Criteria 3:

  • GitHub contribution to the public repos of organization
  • NDA + Offer Letter

which of the optional criteria are you selecting?

Optional Criteria 2 and OC 3 are the better proofs for me I think

I think it look Ok. you blogpost, are they tech blogs?

Thank you very much.

Yes they are…

I also have my personal blogs at