Please help me evaluating my evidence - Promise

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Hope you all are doing great.

After previous rejection I learned many important thing from feedback of experts. Special thanks to @ask4jubad , @alexnk

Now I have revised all my documents. I would love to have your feedback in making my case convincing. Please help me providing your valuable feedback. Thanks in advance.
@ask4jubad , @alexnk @Francisca_Chiedu @May and other experts @Godzilla :pray:

Here are 10 documents
Doc1-High Salary [MC,OC3]
Doc2-Contribution at current workplace [OC3]
Doc3-Contribution at past workplace [OC3]
Doc4-OpenSource [MC,OC2]
Doc5-MentoringAndTraining [MC,OC2]
Doc6-PublicSpeaking [MC,OC2]
Doc7-AcadamicAndProfessional Qualifications [MC]
Doc8-Hackathons [MC]
Doc9-ContributionToDigitalTechnology (Volunteer) [MC,OC2]
Doc10-PublicationInTechMedia [MC,OC2]

Details about

Doc1-High Salary [MC,OC3]

I added salary of my past and current employer with comparison from Glassdoor and Payscale to show my earning is higher than average developer like me

Doc2-Contribution at current workplace [OC3]
In first page I added reference letter from employer stating my contribution in the company. Then in 2-3 pages I showed what the product is, my contribution as an employee achieving milestone of x number of app users by implementing certain features in mobile app. I explained those features by writing main title and then detailed description of how I did it and what was its impact. Screenshot of commit logs, app link , admin panel screenshot showing total number of users, play store graph showing improvement in user retention and equisitions.

Doc3-Contribution at past workplace [OC3]
Same as above + I was awarded the certificate for my contribution and game was featured in some website where they published solution of puzzles of game.

Doc4-OpenSource [MC,OC2]
In first page I showed profile states like number of repos, starts, private and public repos, contribution image, achievements and languages with screenshot and link of my profile

In second and third page I mentioned 3 open source projects where I wrote what the project was, my contribution, its significance and impact. I added screenshot of my commits and merged pull request. Apart from this I have tabled top 6 Personal Open Source Projects. I wrote 3-4 lines as description about these projects.

Doc5-MentoringAndTraining [MC,OC2]
I am volunteer in 3 different non profit tech organisations. Unfortunately I do not have much things to show here other than invitation for slack and description about my role and contribution. I showed slack profile. May I have your opinion here to make this better.

Doc6-PublicSpeaking [MC,OC2]
I talked at two different platforms about technologies.
Talk 1 - How Immersive Technologies (AR/VR) can boost digital economy
Talk 2 - Game Development As A Career Choice
Both had more than 100 attendees.
I wrote how this talk advancing field by showing stating trends and application of new technologies. In one talk people wrote how this talked helped them deciding career in game development I added screenshot and some description of it.

Doc7-Acadamic And Professional Qualifications [MC]
I evaluated my acadamic qualification to be recognised as an internationally qualified undergraduate and master degree holder from World Education Services (WES) - Added screenshots and link
I added two hackerRank certificates as screenshot and link and also mentioned how I applied this skills in my current workplace.

Doc8-Hackathons and Game Jams[MC]
I added description why I participate in hackathons and details about couple of hackathons I participated in. What and how I did. Screenshot of my submissions and links. Unfortunately I did not win any

I explained what Game Jam is. How it contributes in advancing gaming industry. What participants do at Game Jams. I mentioned about 2 game jams I participated in. Screenshots and links added

Doc9-ContributionToDigitalTechnology (Volunteer) [MC,OC2]
I worked for 3 different non profit organisation. In one of them I developed 3d simulations for them. I explained my contribution and impact. I added recognition certificate for my contribution and GitHub graph showing my name. For others two I wrote what they are why they need volunteers and what was my role as volunteer.

Doc10-PublicationInTechMedia [MC,OC2]

I mentioned about one post I published about how video games impacts on kids. I wrote title, date, screenshot showing my name as author. Website viewership and view of post(more than 4000)


Hey I received a rejection today and was thinking of re-applying. I was wondering if there is a minimum time to wait before making a new application

Not really but take your time and make it worth.

Make sure all your evidence verifiable online.

Technation would accept application for another two months minimum so don’t worry about timeline.

All the best @Rahul_Basu

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Has anyone seen TechNation compare their old application data/history with the new one?

I was wondering in case they see the progress or change in the documents submitted and verify it with other applications you might have done in the past.

Kindly create new topic for your question to avoid confusion for this post. This post is for evaluation. I am sure experts will answer your question as well

What are the reasons the Home office denied you?

Didn’t you get rejected for applying to the Promise route but having more than 5 years of experience?
You should be applying for the Talent route, not for Promise.

I think you evidence looks ok for promise but you need to be careful with reusing evidence across criteria. WeS validation does not meet the mandatory criteria, how does it show you have been recognised as a leader? What’s is your level of opensource contribution? How do you demonstrate that it is a structured mentorship program

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Re: Doc 3, was the certificate an internal certificate (i.e award by your company)? If it was, I think TN says they’re not eligible

For Doc6, I think it will help if you add the links to the slides presented at these events

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Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu
Regarding WES I showed how my academic qualifications are equivalent internationally.
I am not sure if it can consider but I had added just in case they they count. I had extra space to add new evidences therefore I added it certificate. However I think I should add hackerrank certificates first then wes evaluation. Can you please share your thoughts here please?

Open source : Here in added 3 projects. In one open source repo where I was main contributor for creating multiple framework and on the top of it other developers used it to create playable game. I also added few more repos where I fixed some issues and shared learning resources.

I think I have to add this how it is structured program. I just added what the organization is and my contribution but I think it will make more sense if I add how and on which bases they selected me in their team. Please advise if this helps making evidence convincing or if you have something to share please share thanks :pray:

Thanks @ogty

You are right
Internal certification is not valid for MC.
I added to support OC3 , significant contribution at company. I am not sure though it will be considered as valid or not. I was awarded so thought to add it helps

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@Alexandr, if you feel that any document isn’t strong, don’t add it because you still have space otherwise TN assessor will use your weak evidence against you and ignore the strongest ones.

Doc 5: if non of recommenders invite you for the mentoring, get a reference letter to support it. In my own case, I point them to one of recommendation letter where the leader mentioned how I was invited in a structured program…

Doc 7: academic & certification can be added in your CV and not as MC. Only if it’s you’re looking at OC 4 with other publications. I added my MSc, AWS, IBM and other top certication in CV and not as MC. I also have a published paper but because it doesn’t have enough citation, I did not include it but just in my CV.


Explain how your open source contributions are advancing the sector. In my own case, I have over 600 reputation + 1.4 million reach on stackoverflow. I contributed to open source projects with over 40k star, another one with over 2 millions + downloads. I added screen shot, PR message and history etc… Just highlight the key things by showing the metrics… I think that would help…

PS: I haven’t applied as I’m waiting for a correction in one of my letters.

Thanks @alex_james

I was invited by organisation via mail after I send my professional career in technology. I added description of an organisation, their selection process and the contribution I have been making as a volunteer along with screenshot of email welcoming me and slack profile showing me in their slack channel.

I hope you will get positive news this time.

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You may have added doesn’t mean it was considered. Assessors don’t appear to choose the strongest piece of evidence of evidence. No one knows for Sure what evidence was considered in the application.

Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu
This makes me confusing. Can you please advice whether I should add internal award certificate for OC3 or just remove it from application. I am worrying if they check this and reject OC3 only because I added internal award certificate regardless of the strength of other OC3 evidences.
Overall if adding it does not strengthen the criteria it does not make sense to add it to avoid confusion. Please advice what should I do

@Alexandr I think internal award, learning certificates, WES, learning activities and so on can be put into CV in 3-4 bullet points. Thats all. They may deserve the space there if the space permits. This will help only the showing your learning activity track record in the field only.

The famous publication talking about you worth more value, than you wrote by yourself.

I would suggest you to break some other evidence such as Doc6 (talk 1 and Talk2), Doc5 mentoring multiple places, contribution in 3 non-profit org, or etc into multiple more detailed evidence, if you can, instead of wasting the certificates which will not be considered as a strong evidence.

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What do you mean by internal award? If you mean internal company certificate then it could be added as a supplementary evidence to your that your employers recognise your impact in the company. You could merge it with employer reference letter just for emphasis.