Please help check my evidence for exceptional promise

Please kindly check if these evidence are enough for exceptional promise route

  1. Three Lor letters from CTOs from present and previous employers

  2. MC: Reference letter from a tech event where I was a key speaker in 2019 in an event aimed at enlightening a community on the need to embrace digital technology(programming)

  3. OC2: Reference letter from a high school explaining how I trained and mentored their students on coding indicating the program structure and curriculum

  4. OC3: two reference letters on significant contributions in my present employment detailing the project I handled

  5. OC3: Employment contract with salary information

  6. OC3: 2 Documents on product designs of the two projects (significant contributions) above handled by me

  7. OC3: Bitbucket account for the two projects showing my lines of code and continuing contribution

  8. Personal statement and CV.

Aside reference letters, do you have pictures and video of the conference and training?

Yes. I have pictures and it’s included in the reference letter. Thank you for responding

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Please what about other evidence? what do you think?

Hello Kingsley.

It is better to have at least three pieces of evidence to support each MC/OC.
Your application feels quite unbalanced, with four pieces of evidence towards OC3 and only one for MC and OC2.

It is especially vital to support MC, as it is the critical criterion to the whole application. And it is not clear how to “show you have been recognised as having potential to be a leading talent in the digital technology field” by speaking at a single tech event three years ago?

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this is very clear and well understood. Thanks