Please evaluate my profile for exceptional talent

Mandatory criteria: I created AI enabled algorithm for a company’s core product.

  1. Product diagram
  2. Salary slip
  3. 1 Recommendation letter from a colleague without company letterhead

Optional criteria 1: I created data migration

  1. appointment letter
  2. flowchart for data migration

Optional criteria 2: I teach at a premier institute part time on a digital technology subject.

  1. appointment email
  2. screenshot of cohorts I have taught and still teaching

Recommendation letter:

  1. A CEO who works for a niche blockchain company whom I mentored and Volunteerd to develop an AI model for free.
  2. VP at company 1
  3. Manager I uses to report to 8 year ago.

Any feedback for improvement areas? Please suggest.

Optional criteria 1: I teach at a premier institute part time on a digital technology subject.

Optional Criteria 1 is “a proven track record for innovation as a founder or senior executive of a product-led digital technology company or as an employee working on a new digital field or concept”. How is teaching at an institute an evidence of OC1?

Optional criteria 2: I created data migration

OC2 is " * proof of recognition for work beyond the applicant’s occupation that contributes to the advancement of the field" - how is “created data migration” an evidence of this.

Any feedback for improvement areas? Please suggest.

Please understand that Global Talent Visa is for people who can showcase being exceptional or talented in some form. Nothing in what you wrote even seems to remotely making an attempt to showcase anything exceptional. I am not saying your profile isn’t, just that what you wrote here doesn’t showcase it in any form.

Sorry to be direct.


Sorry, I should have done better formatting. Please read optional criteria 2 as optional criteria 1 and vice versa. Let me edit the question. Any feedback on mandatory criteria?

I think it’s helps to be direct so prospecting applicants don’t waste applications fees when they don’t have evidence strong enough for endorsement. There are folks here I have given my honest feedback, they still go ahead and

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It’s alright, I understand.

Even in that case, I am not convinced that “data migration” is something that is “a proven track record for innovation”. All engineers need to do data migrations.

As for teaching part time in an institute, you probably need to prove how that is going to show “advancement of the field”. You might be able to, but the evidence needs to showcase advancement, not just the fact that you were participating.

I have list of students who go placed as data scientist and working now as a result of my teaching. I can add their recommendation letters or letter from you the institute.

Any feedback on mandatory criteria and recommendation letters?

Any feedback on mandatory criteria and recommendation letters?

I am afraid it is difficult to parse the strength or weakness from your description. It could go both ways, depending on the actual content.

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