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Hi everyone,
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I plan to apply for the Global Talent Visa -Tech nation: Exceptional Promise

I got my PhD in Computer Science 2 years ago. Now I work as an app developer (Full-time). The most of my achievements and outcomes are in AI and Natural Language Processing, That’s why I want to choose “artificial intelligence/natural language processing” sector and specialist skill as “researcher”.

I would appreciate it if you can rate my profile and suggest any areas to strengthen my evidence or change.

Letters of Recommendation

• LOR1 - A Full professor who was my PhD supervisor in in the faculty of Computer Science.
• LOR2 - Assistant Professor and Research Chair.
• LOR3 – Senior App Developer and Co-Funder who supported me to design a mobile application.

My main 8 pieces of evidence:

High Salary
I provide “certificate of employment” and “salary statement”. I gave 2 website proves that shows my salary is almost 2 times more than the basic salary in my country.

I explained this in a table with details with google drive links and I said this voluntary and out of official working hours I did reviews for 13 sci-indexed journals in my field. I explained how I contributed and what the impact is, and provided different proofs: 1 ORCID, web of science links, 2- screenshots of emails and review panel websites,

I explained about the importance of my work that published in high-level journals. and official links and I explained that my 9 papers published in top-tier peer review journals and with citations, downloads.

Research Endorsement letter
A letter from a lecture (who is co-author in my papers) from a UK university with excellent reputation and high citations. he explained my contributions and skills and confirms my research achievements and that I am an exceptional research leader in AI/NLP.

Software Contribution
I have developed three different applications; 1) a mobile app 2) a desktop app 3) a AI model I prove it by sharing GitHub link and code screenshots.

Open source
I have an open-source code in my GitHub page that 7 people forked It. So I explained the importance of my work for digital technology. Moreover, I provided a public link and screenshot about code.

YouTube Chanel
I have an open-source code in my GitHub page that 7 people forked It. I explained the importance of my work for digital technology. Moreover, I provided a public link of my code and several screenshot.

I explained my research projects and papers funding and provided, one public link and screenshot that shows my funding is approved with government agencies.

This how I want to arrange my evidences for 3 criterions** :

Mandatory Criteria:

  • Funding
  • Review service
  • High Salary

Optional Criteria 2 (out of work) :

  • Open source
  • YouTube Chanel
  • Software Contribution

Optional Criteria 4 (Academic) :

  • Publication
  • Research Endorsement

Thank you for taking the time to read my application and your comments would be sort of great pleasure for me.

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Hi @Francisca_Chiedu and @May, I would be really appreciated if you could help my friend @Hjelodar

he has 8 different evidences, how do you suggest him to arrange his evidences against each criteria ?
as a new update , he should provide 2 unique evidences for each criteria,
How can he increase his chance by doing repetitions (overlapping) of evidence against different related criteria while respecting the new update of providing 2 unique evidence for each criteria?

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Thanks for tagging me. I must have missed his post. @Hjelodar I think you need to rethink how you present your evidence especially with the use of links and Google drive, it is stated that this is not allowed. You can share screenshot to the evidence such as certificate confirming your reviews. Thank you emails and other evidence to show your contribution to the research community.
As for the opensource project how long have you been contributing, you need to show a track record of contribution that is recognised by peers.

Also reduced your use of self authored evidence. Adding an explanatory note to an evidence is different from you just writing about your contribution with no third party validation.

Hi @Francisca_Chiedu Thank you so much for given useful comments, especially for pointing about that “ seld authored evidences", i will try to modify this section as well

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