Please Advise on Eligibility for Tech Startup Founders with a service layer?

Hello everyone here,

By way of quick intro, I founded a semi-successful startup abroad that continues to grow today. We raised $ +1.5 Mn in funding and have been generating revenue for the past three years. In addition, my startup has been featured in numerous articles and won a couple of regional awards as being a top player in the market.

My only concern is that this startup provides logistics services which is powered by our in-house technology (essentially we are an e-commerce fulfillment platform). As such, tech is a core part of our business since we use the tech to conduct our daily operations. In addition, our clients access to the tech for them to communicate with us as well. So we are primarily driven by technology. However, I am afraid that the presence of a “warehousing service” layer behind the technology will intervene in my application.

So as a cry for help, does anyone have experience with how TN deals with tech-driven startups which provide services to clients?

What is the actual skill that you’ll apply under? Technical or non-technical? If presenting evidence to criteria relating to product-led you’ll have to meet the definitions of product-led company as stated in the guidelines.
Perhaps you’ll need to emphasize on the product-led aspect of the business and how you have advanced digital technology through your contributions.

Thank you for your response May. I am applying on the non-technical route. My issue is with the definition TechNation lists as “Product-Led” businesses to be businesses that derive their revenue primarily from the product. Whereas our business derives the revenue from the service which is enabled by the product.