Please advice which of two evidences is better for OC3

Hi everyone,

I am preparing the evidence for global talent. My background is a data scientist and co-founder in a startup. I have one slot of evidence left, and there are two evidences in consideration:

  1. A patent of the computer vision algo from my previous company.
    Pros: I think it’s formal evidence to show the value
    cons: it’s a bit old, it’s published on Dec 2018. It is from the previous company, while I put more focus on the current position in my personal statement.

  2. ex-colleagues reference letters.
    pros: it can directly support my impact evidence in the current position.
    cons: I amworried it’s not strong enough. it’s like peer review.

Please give your thoughts on which one I should go for and what the considerations are.
Many thanks!

December 2018 is still within the 5 years requirement.

Does the Patent show your contribution in any way ? If that’s the case, go for that one