[Please advice] Can my partner still apply after I have done my biometrics?


I went for my biometrics appointment today without my partner as I didn’t list them as a dependant in my application form nor carried them along in the process, and I wish to inquire whether my partner can still apply?

Also, i didn’t list them as a dependant in my application. Does this affect the chances?

I think at this stage you need to wait for your decision first (my thought not so sure though)

As for applying without mentioning your dependants, that won’t be a problem. People have gone to the UK as singles and later got married and applied for their spouses as their dependants.

Whatever @aaliyu said is correct :slight_smile:

I did 5 years IHS. Can my dependant do only 1 year? Will that be a problem?

They have to get same year as the main applicant.

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might I ask for a link to the related guide?

i don’t have a link but dependants visa validity is depebdent on the main applicant. Afriend paid for 5years and 3 years for the kids, they were asked to complete the ihs for the kid before a decision was made,

@Francisca_Chiedu As always, thanks for your support. Can I decide to apply for a 2-year visa (to reduce IHS costs) even when I have gotten the endorsement under the promise category? (5 years)

yes you can apply for 2 years. After two years you need to pay a new visa fee and IhS for 3 years .

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Thanks for clarifying. thanks