Phase 1 of Process Location Independent?

I am wondering whether you can be physically present in the UK on a visitor visa for any part of the application process. During my first months of research, I had come to the conclusion that you only had to be absent from the country for Phase 2. However, on the intro to the Tech Nation application, it says to please check the validity. Why does it matter if you’re in the UK or not while Tech Nation is reviewing your candidacy? I understand while the home office is doing the final validations (actually I don’t since this is literally the first country I’ve lived in with such a rule but will write this off as bureaucracy.)

And on a similar note, is it okay to enter the country at any point during the process?

I am not sure o understand you question but you can visit the UK on a visitors visa while you are applying for stage one but for stage two you have to apply outside the uk if you are not resident here.

That is exactly what I am asking. Thank you so much. :blush:

Yes, I’m in the UK right now as preparing the application. I came as a US citizen on a visitor visa (valid until September) in order to see if this is indeed where I want to be. Of course life became very settled here quickly! It’s a wonderful place. So I would like to apply for stage 1 in the coming month, and if selected then book a flight, leave for the summer, and return in the fall under this new TN visa in order to open a company entity here and start financially contributing to the country.

Sounds like a good plan. All the best with your application