Phase 1: Application Feedback

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all having a great day.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in reviewing my application for an Exceptional Promise endorsement. I have accumulated several years of professional experience as a Product Manager in various industries, both in the UK and abroad, over the past decade.

I have had the opportunity to work in technical product management roles at a UK-based prop-tech scale-up and a global CPaaS platform headquartered in the US. These organizations have a strong product focus. Additionally, I completed my Masters in the UK and I am currently on a Graduate visa.

I have obtained reference letters from the following individuals:

  1. Director of Product Management at my current employer
  2. Principal Product Manager at my current employer
  3. Senior Data Engineer at my previous employer

Main Criteria:

Evidence 1: Significant Product Release as a Product Manager (as mentioned in the Director’s recommendation letter)

  • Developed a tool utilized by thousands of developers
  • Contributed to increased revenue and adoption

Evidence 2: Salary Information from both employments

  • Current Job: £100,000 per annum (inclusive of base salary, bonus, and shares)
  • Previous Job: £55,000 per annum

Evidence 3: Management of API Documentation at Current Employer or Product Innovation in API Integration at Previous Employer

  • API documentation adopted by thousands of independent developers, resulting in revenue growth
  • API integration products used by thousands of users

Optional Criteria:

Recognition for Work Outside of Immediate Occupation

Evidence of Mentorship: Involved as a trainer/instructor for a coding teaching program

  • Participated in over 15 events as an instructor
  • Have a letter of mentorship from the program’s founder


Introduced a product transformation process to drive sales

  • Have a letter of recommendation from a senior data engineer detailing the process and its impact

I also possess an email recognition from an intern whom I mentored, and they successfully secured a job at a prominent consultancy firm. Should I include screenshots of that conversation as additional evidence?

Thank you for your assistance and looking forward to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Hi @Nahid_i ,

In preparing your application, I thought to point out a few key points.

  1. Applying for Exceptional Promise would mean you have less than 5 years experience in the field of Tech. (check the TN Visa Guide).

Your evidence was not clear on this but I would suspect you have more than 5 years. If you do, please be aware you would be considered under the Exceptional Talent Category. The bar is higher for this.

  1. Two Recommendation Letters from the same company is not generally a good idea. Would they not end up saying the same thing ? Don’t forget that you need to have 3 recommenders talking about you from multiple perspectives (all pointing at your being Exceptional).

  2. “Trainer at a coding boot camp” does not seem sufficient for OC2 - recognition. If this is the only evidence you have , you may want to include additional context of how it is significantly difficult (competitive) to attain this position.

  3. On Innovation, reading the Tech Nation Visa guide, I don’t think you can depend on that letter alone. You need independent documentary evidence (reports, emails, dashboards, etc ) on how this achievement.

These are just a few points that may be helpful in you preparing your application if you choose to submit now or in the future

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Really Appreciate your feedback.

1.I have less than 5 years experience in one field hence opting for exceptional promise.

2.Two recommendation letters would discuss separate contributions that I was able to make. So no overlapping in that regard.

3.Actually the OC2 is not any code camp rather a non profit organisation providing free coding training to students, underprivileged girls and minors. I can provide the offer letter and letter of recommendation from its founder. I didn’t earn any profit/ salary from it rather I did it to make an impact in the society.

  1. I have the product example as an innovation with Recommendation letter, statistics of adoption etc. Not sure if that’s significant or not.