Personal statement on the application page

Hi everyone,
I’m finally completing the application on tech nation site. I’m confused as to the information I can only view on the platform are 1-6

  1. Application form
  2. Upload CV
  3. Letter of recommendation 1
  4. Letter of recommendation 2
  5. Letter of recommendation 3
  6. Evidence files maximum of 10
    Can some recommend where do i upload my PS?
    for the document under the mandatory and optional criteria, does it mean i should name the documents with the options of choice?
    Thank you

you don’t upload the personal statement, you paste in the space provided.

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How about his MC and OCs? Is he to name them?

I can’t recall everything accurately, but You’ll have to upload your documents in a separate form , then there will be a text field next to it with 3 criterias where you specify the name of each documents (that you previously uploaded) in the text field for the criteria that they apply to.

If you go through the steps on TN forms, the instructions are there

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