Payslip or employment contract?

Hello folks,

Is it okay to attach payslip instead of employment contract?

Thanks much

I think employment contract is better because it contains so many information and also it include your pay.

Hi @Mors_Ethank you for your reply. My contract is actually quite old and it reflects an old salary thus i was planning to use either a promotion letter which shows my current salary or a letter I got wrote from HR about my salary and equity options. What do you think?

You can combine promotion letter and payslips


Employment contracts are usually long and do not reflect the current salary after working some time. I don’t think it has extra credibility too. So any other official documents more up to date info would make more sense. Promo letters also shows you are promoted and company values your work as an extra.

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I suggest you add both and attach your explanation to it, “telling the story” of how you started as… and got promoted to… It shows progress which I think is good