Optional Criteria 2 - Evidences

Hi folks, I need some help.
I mentor startups, overall 12 across the US, UK, and Europe. I do this without any commercial gain.

Can I show this in OC2, if yes what’s the best way - self-document? Or a letter from the founders? How many letters do I need to provide?

Please note: all the startups I am talking about have raised VC funding and generating revenue.

in what capacity do you mentor startups? are you of their advisory board?

Hey @Francisca_Chiedu yes I am on their advisory board

Do you have a formal invitation to serve on the board?

Yes @Francisca_Chiedu I have from 6 of them

You can get a reference letter from them detailing your impact. Did you support them with raising fund?

Yes I can, they will be happy to write a letter with everything I have helped with. Recently one of the companies raised $20 million and I helped them connect with prospect investors.
What other kind of help might be crucial to technation?