Open Source Contribution - does it count for the business route?

Hi everyone,

I am currently collecting evidence for Exceptional Promise via the business route (I am a business development/marketing professional).

Last year for my own project I gathered (web-scraped + collected through my professional collections) a list of 6,500+ VC firms and business angels around the world. It includes their contact details, focus sectors, investment stages, application instructions, etc.

If I published this investor database on GitHub, do you think this would count as an Open Source contribution to the sector (OC2 and MC)?

I could explain that it contributes to the IT sector because it provides startup founders and employees with an easy way to search for potential investors and, thus, helps them to raise capital to be able to support the development of their IT products.

I would appreciate any help!

Recent evidence don’t count.

Thank you for your reply! Yes, I understand, I just want to understand the logic behind the process. For example, if it was not recent, would it count?

Virtual conference are fine, as long as it is a sector leading event.