Only a single piece of related evidence per document?

Hi Tech Nation ambassadors,

Would appreciate some insight from an ambassador who has successfully passed the application process.

Currently I am filling out the Application Form in Tech Nation and i came across the following guidelines for uploading document evidence:

Specifically on this “each document must only contain a single piece of related evidence”.

I have come across other threads here which mentioned that it is possible to stitch together a number of related evidences into a single document, as long as it falls within the 3-page limit. Does this still hold? The Application Form guidelines seem to imply otherwise, or has there been a recent change?

Here are specific examples of what I am trying to stitch together:
Example document A: Product press releases - 2 separate press release pdfs (a 2-pager and a 1-pager, for a total of 3 pages)
Example document B: Evidence of external contribution - 3 publicity/marketing decks for 3 separate entrepreneur incubation initiatives (each 1 page, total of 3 pages)

Does this still fall within the guidelines or am I pushing it a little too far?

Appreciate the response of an ambassador familiar with the issue. Thanks!

Best Regards,

Hey @aczw900,

A combination of both examples A and B, that you have provided, does make sense to me. I think that should be fine.

I think that “each document must only contain a single piece of related evidence” is more of a call to a common sense rather then a strict rule. Meaning you should not stitch together completely unrelated items just to squeeze in more evidences.


Mean if I will provide above all evidences, will be considered single piece of related evidence*?

@jamal unfortunately, we can not advice or provide any opinion on subjective issues such as strength of your evidence. Until, your application reaches Technation, you are the only judge of it. So my advice is to put all evidence side by side and have a good hard look on each keeping in mind the criteria and pick the most suitable ones.

I believe to get an answer for this you may need to talk to immigration advisers - there’re some law firms specialising in Global Talent visa category.