One or two recommendation letters for MC

Hello everyone,

Please, is it acceptable for one to use one or two out of his/her 3 recommendation letters for Mandatory criteria evidence?

Thank you.

Recommendations already count towards your entire application, that would only waste your evidence space and reduce your overall chances.

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Ok. Thank you, @Ido_Moshe

Secondly, is it adviseable to also put one or two evidences I used in my option ctierias for my mandatory criteria too?

You can use each of your evidence towards multiple criteria, you don’t need to choose. When you’ll submit your evidence you’ll have a text field per criteria to indicate which evidence relates to it.

Ok. So in each criteria, I can repeat the evidences, meaning that I can put evidence I used in MC in OC4 and vice versa?

Yes, you can use the same evidence for both MC and OC, and it’ll only count as one.

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