October Month Endorsement Response Times

Hi Dear Community,

I wonder if there is anyone there who got response for his or her endorsement in last days.

Please kindly share your application dates and response dates. I am on waiting status for the response. Your date infos will help me and people like me to guess about our applications’ status.

I have applied to gov.uk at 28th of September
I have uploaded and applied to Technation.io at 17th of October.
I am still waiting for the response.


If you applied on Technation.io on 17th, only a week has passed since your submitted, right? I think it is safe to say that it is quite early for you to worry about the status. Response time varies from a week to 3 weeks for most cases.

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Hi Shreeniwas,

Thank you for your response. Yes, as you recommended, I am relaxed and waiting. 1 week to 3 weeks is a very acceptable time. Actually, thinking that it may change according to the application numbers and Technation’s capacity, I just wanted to know if it is 1 to 3 weeks still.

But still, if there are people who get their application results’ very soon, please share dates.

Again, Thank you for your response.


Hi All,
Is there anyone there who got a recent endorsement response, both rejected or accepted?

Please share your date details.

Submitted my application on October 18th. No response yet

Submitted mine on October 25th and no response yet.

Last time I applied it took about 4 weeks - I applied on June 7th and heard back on July 6th.

I’m expecting roughly the same timeline as before. Seems that the average response time is 3-4 weeks. Just have to be patient!

Hi all,

I have a question. Who sends the endorsement response, TechNation or gov.uk? Any idea?


Home office (Government)

Hi Francisca,

Firstly, Thank you for your very quick response. I appreciate your help.

Another question: Which email address does home office use to send the results to us? If they use many, at least is there a known extension? Like gov.uk for Example?

I have and address in my list: GlobalTalentEndorsements@homeoffice.gov.uk.

Do they use this email for instance?


It is not this email. Just be patient, you will get a response. I know someone who applied on the 14th of October, he got his endorsement email on the 2nd of November, 19 days later.

Hi, I applied on 1 November and still waiting for a response

Have you finally gotten a response?

I finally got my endorsement.
Thank you all for your support at this stage. The next thing is Stage 2 :slight_smile:

Applied At: 17th of October
Endorsement Date: 8th of November


Hi AT,
First of all, Congratulations on your endorsement and finally attained !

Please share the summary of your document and profile you articulated. It will be useful for us to make our application in better way.