OC3 - Is my understanding of "impact in the sector" correct?

In OC3, it states how did we impact the sector. Most of my work has been as product head where I built tech products.

1. My first employment (I worked in this company for 4 years and my first company) as lead engineer:
A product which has a huge enterprise client-base and apparently a portion of what I had built is now a one of a kind enterprise solution in itself which has been signed up by a big bank in USA. Even I came to know this only after getting the reference letter from the CEO.

2. My second employment (Also my current company) as product head:
Two products - one catering to restaurant technology and the other a shopify competitor. Both have big named brands as clients (restaurants and stores) with significant revenue.

3. My third is as Founder (My own company):
An iOS, Android and merchant side web app catering to students. Not that much traction but it’s kind of a hit in two universities. But it just launched. We have recruitment campaigns and are scaling to other cities and countries. So kind of in it’s baby stages I would say

Keeping all the above points in mind, what exactly is OC3? Do I have to directly impact the technology sector or does my involvement in these products which impacted clients count as impacting the technology sector? I am kind of worried about this because yes in the first case, the product is truly a unique one which will advance the technology sector in a unique way. But in my second and third cases, we have built high end complex products that has a good customer base. I wouldn’t say it has advanced the sector though. Or does it? Any suggestions?

I am applying for talent

Yes, exactly. OC3 is about your personal significant contributions to the product (leading it or coding substantial parts of it). And this product impacts your company/clients revenue and impacts multiple people lives.

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