OC3 evidence documents

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Please clarify.

  1. Can I have 1 page reference letter with related evidence in next 2 pages in one 3 pages A4 document?
  2. Can I use a reference letter in OC3 from my organization’s client for whom a product was developed?

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Thanks in advance.


Q1 : I am not sure.

Q2 : Does it showcase : 1. Your contribution clearly and the impact of that contribution in a tangible way ?

Yes, Out of your 3 pages evidence. 1 page can be a reference letter while the other two pages can be evidence relating to that letter @moorjaniajay I think this is possible… as long as they relate to one evidence.

You can use a reference letter; they reference letter must state clearly your impact.


@moorjaniajay @Afolabi Thanks for your reply.

@moorjaniajay Yes, it does.

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Hi, Can I make one Single 3-page evidence document for designs or architecture diagram from my organization’s products, designs or architecture diagram for product developed for client and my Employment contract? This is for OC3.

Does it encompass two crucial aspects:

  1. Clearly demonstrating your contributions?
  2. And resulting in success, such as increased users, data, revenue, etc.?

I will ensure that.

Under MC, I have done one volunteer work for a large technology-led industry initiative for a government project. Can I also map this under OC3?

I am unsure about repeating evidences. I kept all my evidences unique