OC3 as a freelance data engineer?

Hi everyone,

I am unsure about my evidence for OC3 and really appreciate your help.

About my background: I am a freelancer and have been working on one main project for the last two years. I have a contract with company A to work on a project for company B, which is a multinational automobile manufacturer.
As a team lead I designed a whole new backend infrastructure on AWS and implement it together with the team of three developers.

As evidence I would use the following:

  • Work contract between company A and me working for client company B

  • Document outlying my own impact on the project (architecture drafts, documentation etc.)

  • Evidence showing impact on costs savings, increase of data transparency

  • Continuous contribution via Git / Bitbucket

My questions are:

  1. Is this work experience generally eligible for OC3? Or is it classified as outsourcing / consultancy work and therefore invalid?

  2. If valid, would you consider this strong evidence for OC3?

  3. Alternative to OC3, I could go for OC4. However, I consider my evidence weak, it would only be related to my master studies. (Top4% of the class and very good master thesis in cooperation with a big international company)

Thanks a lot for any thoughts on my case!

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Does anyone have thoughts on this?
@Francisca_Chiedu @Maya @Bubun @goonjanmall - I see you very active with other posts, Iā€™d love to hear your feedback on this. Thank you!

Generally, any freelance engagement does not suffice and you should avoid mentioning it, unless you are able to show some sort of documentation to prove you were an employee since the project has lasted for 2 years, like you said .