OC2 for Exceptional Promise. Need help in review

“at least 1 example of proof of recognition for work beyond the applicant’s occupation that contributes to the advancement of the field”

Hey everyone!

I wish to submit the below evidences for the above.I am a Product Manager. Can anyone let me know if that qualifies?

  • Letter from the Computer Science branch of an Indian University (private university) which Thanks me about the webinar I did for the students highlighting the topic, the benefit for the attendees and how they wish to continue the association

  • Letter from a UK university (public university) department head where I did a webinar for students as well. It also highlight the topic, the benefit for attendees etc.

  • Letter from the founder of an Indian startup community that has had over 50k members. The letter talks about my involvement with them in various capacities as a host, speaker, writer on topics related to Product Management and the impact it has had on the community members.

  • I also have a Medium page where i write tech blogs. These have been published by some reputed publishing houses with considerable following. The total views of my articles amount to a 3k+. I can post a snapshot of the same.

I plan to submit a doc with all the above in a cohesive manner. Starting with my intention towards making these contributions and then eventually putting these letters in as screenshots.

  1. Does the above approach of submitting them works?
  2. Do the above contribute towards the advancement of the field?

Need some guidance here from the awesome community we have going! :slight_smile:

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@Francisca_Chiedu Would love to hear your thoughts on this. :slight_smile:

Hi @Himadri! Looking at the examples you’ve provided, you would need to clearly show how the speaking opportunities above contribute to the advancement of the technology field. These examples appear to highlight that you are a recognized leader in the tech field (which is great!), but you need to clearly show how speaking opportunities contribute to the advancement of the field. As it stands, I don’t think it would meet the criteria.

One way to do that could be to connect your speaking engagements to a commitment to mentoring young men and women in technology (if that is true). If it is, then you could work with your reference providers to ensure that your reference letters highlight that. I worked with a solicitor on my application and one thing she always came back to was: “beat the Tech Nation reviewers over the head with the information again and again in the simplest possible terms…make their job easy”

As a heads up, I believe crowd-sourced public content channels like Medium and LinkedIn are no longer eligible, since anyone can submit content there. Therefore, I would drop that.

@mclarenf1in your view, do you think providing answers to tech related questions on Quora.com is ineligible for OC2? Would like to know your thoughts on this.

My understanding of the criteria is that Quora answers/interactions are not sufficient for the same reason sites like Medium and LinkedIn are not sufficient: anyone can post on there, regardless of qualifications. Number of interactions or reach do not substantiate that you are advancing the field, unfortunately.

Other types of evidence could be: reference letters from formal/information mentorship programs you participate in, board agreements for any boards you sit on, or speaking events (I believe TN has a min. audience size now, so check on that).

Yes they do, minimum of a 100 attendees. I actually thought Quora makes a lot of sense for OC2 but you have provided some strong points such as the barrier to entry being extremely low. It’ll be best to avoid presenting such evidence. Thanks.