OC1 Innovation Evidence (FYP vs Startup)

Exceptional promise (under 5 years of experience)

Could you share your valuable answer and feedback/suggestions on the following please:

Q1) Is academic FYP / final year project / work is good to go?
Here’s the detail:

A) During my final year at university… I have done my final year project where I built a unique AI SaaS (web application) product as a group leader and main contributor. This also earned me an prize for a startup business idea too at uni level…when I won some uni-wide competition of innovation and got offer from national incubation center as well…

Pieces of evidence I have:
Doc 1: Overview: has following details: GitHub (private repo), Email SS (project submission as a group leader, total team of 3 students), Project Report, Email SS (competition winner)
Doc 2: Reference letter from my supervisor AND Dean CS Department = sharing all details and my leadership and main/leading contributions. (Side benefit: I can include this doc in MC too)
Q1A) which will be a better letter? Dean CS or Supervisor?)

Side note: I am building its live website, in dev stage but link is public and can be viewed if I mention it in my doc. Also I aim to turn it into a startup this year (after going to the UK as will have better access to tech ecosystem). So can mention it in my personal statement too and Doc 1 (overview) as future goal.

B) My non-corporate IT Startup: product is live. Some B2B customers/users are LIVE/Onboarded too around 30-50 in total. No traction (12 months free trial in progress). I am the Co-Founder & CTO.

  • I have been accepted/part of some global accelerators and national top accelerator.
    Doc 1: Overview of the whole product and my contributions as a CTO…backend , front end
    Doc 2: Reference letter from some accelerator founder/ceo where I got accepted (acknowledging my acceptance, leadership and entrepreneurial skills) (And this too as MC)
    Doc 3: Accelerators acceptance, certificates and emails SS

Q2) In between both of them: What evidence is stronger to avail innovation OC1? (as promise)
FYP or Startup? or Should consider Both?

Thank you!!
P.S. Sorry for the long post. Thought of adding more information and visibility for future applicants too as I have got much help from related posts and QAs. Hope for the best.

CC: @Francisca_Chiedu @alexnk @May and other valuable members of alumni.

Work done as part of your undergraduate project is not eligible.

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That’s exactly what I wanted to make sure of. Thanks a lot!