OC1 Evidence files

Hello, Thanks for the support.

I am trying to structure my documents for OC1 innovation.

I cofounded two startups.

I am looking at the best way to structure.

Here is what I have

  1. Product screenshots:

Startup 1: I have proof of the product in market which are dashboard screenshots. But one of the product is not currently live for independent assessment.

Startup2: I have proof of app screenshot

  1. Media mentions:
    Startup 1: I have media mention for startup one
    Startup 2: I have media mentions of fundraising for startup two

  2. Evidence files [it is okay to just upload these files on Google drive and put the link as evidence file in each of the 3 page document files]

For the evidence files I understand that it is one evidence per document but here is what I have;

  1. Domestics and international Sales invoices for startup 1
  2. CAC documents & Articles of association for startup1
  3. Bank statement for startup 1 2019 - 2020
  4. 2 - 3 years General booking record for startup 1
  5. Shareholders agreement for startup 1
  6. Service level agreements.

The question:

How best do I present these (evidence files) to demonstrate that I have a proven track record or examples of innovation in the digital technology sector as a founder of a product-led digital technology company.

All the documents that you have shared are possible OC1 support documents.

The real question is how is/are the product(s) innovative?


You just group the documents accordingly. One should be about the innovativeness of the product e.g. Patent, IP and/or process design + media mention(s).

The others could be registration and shareholding as well as traction in the form of domestic and international sales and audited statements.

Tech nation doesn’t encourage the use of links. So screenshots and explanatory may help

Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu I included screenshots and put a reference section just incase for verification.

For example for links to customer testimonials or media mentions I included the links as references to those screenshots.

Do i totally expunge the reference section with links?

For the question are the product innovation? @ask4jubad
I included a section that talked about;

  • The Problem Statement
  • My contributions and impact

I hope that is enough

Thanks for the grouping insights. as highlighted got it.

My impression about innovation is that it requires self-evident supports such as those that I already mentioned. Because, the assessor may appraise a problem and the propose solution as not innovative especially if it’s only really “innovative” in a very small market.

Don’t forget that OC1 is about showing innovation, so emphasize it aptly.

Personally, I would like for a third-person evidence to support the innovation such as an award, a nomination (at the least), or media attention.