No updates from Homeoffice & Technation in 3 weeks

Hello hello to the Tech nation community!

I am currently in the UK with a Skilled Worker Visa and I applied for the Digital Tech Talent visa on Home Office UKVI on March 15. The same day I also completed my application for endorsement from Tech Nation (Exceptional Talent).

However, since then, I have been checking every day and I haven’t received any updates or emails. From reading some posts on this forum, it looks like candidates usually receive 1) an email from Home Office asking to apply for an endorsement from Tech nation and 2) either a response or some edits on their application on the Tech nation platform.

I haven’t gottent any of those so far and I am starting to be worried, and wonder if that is normal.

Anyone has been in this situation? Anything I could do here?

Thanks a mil!

Click on preview in your application. Is the last edited same as the date you submitted your application to TN

@urbain I applied on the 12th of March but I have not received any email but there has been 2 edits. Let’s hope to be endorsed soonest :pray: :blush:

It’s very common , considering the volume of applications in recent times it might take more time.

@alex_james Yes, the date hasn’t changed since I applied. I’ll keep checking and waiting then on the TN side.

As for Home Office UKVI, is it normal that I haven’t even received the email asking me to apply for the endorsement?

Fingers crossed for both of us!

Ah alright then, thank you!

I applied on the 15th of March also. I got my first edit on the 27th of March and my third edit on the 29th.

Still waiting for response from them. I guess you should get some edits soon

As the tech nation is withdrawing from endorsement, who is going to replace for Global talent visa endorsement?

if you are bothered, cont home office.

@Srk per their latest update, TechNation will continue to endorse until a new endorsing body has been agreed.

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Global Talent visa will continue in UK and a new Endorsing body for Digital Technology will be announced soon by Homeoffice expected by 13 April, 2023. However Applications are still accepted by TechNation website with 8 weeks processing time post 31 March so no rush apply smoothly

@urbain, have you had your first edit?

Are you saying after the 13th of April, the application won’t be accepted again by Technation?

I planned to apply the first week of May, I just want to know before gathering evidence.
It might be a new endorsing body, new criteria.

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No, I still haven’t had any edit yet so far…

@bsegun10 you can continue to apply normally on Technation website. Everything remains same for incl. criterias for new endorsement body it’s just takeover.

Any changes in case they will release articles for sure and Homeoffice will also informs publicly

Did you apply for promise and software engineer as well?

for exceptional talent, business candidate (i’ve mostly worked in country expansion and product management for a tech startup for the last 5 years)

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How about now. Any first edit at all? I have none here and it’s 3 weeks

How to contact TN - Do you know any active email address?
It has been 7.5 weeks, no response from TN.