[NEWS] Government has confirmed Global Talent visa will continue in UK

Govt has confirmed Global Talent visa will continue in UK and a new Endorsing body for Digital Technology will be announced soon by Homeoffice expected by 13 April, 2023. However Applications are still accepted by TechNation website with 8 weeks processing time post 31 March

All new applications might be taken over by new Endorsing body following the announcement soon, please have patience and GTV is here to stay in UK. Other countries also offers Global Talent visa just in case are Newzealand, Australia, Canada, France

Does this mean I can still apply in April?

Do you have an official link stating a new endorsement body will ve announced by 13th of April?

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@panveel yes you can still apply in April

@Francisca_Chiedu Yes there Homeoffice spokesperson that Technation in talks with new Endorsing body to continue what technation has been doing, its soon to materialise for replacement until then keep applying on Technation is what said

There are recent pressrelease, immigration guidelines released by Homeoffice :

Startup visa & Innovator visa will be merged as one and £50000/- req is being removed it will be called as Innovative Founder visa for 3 years plus ILR & only 3 endorsement bodies for startup visa than 60 earlier

Thank you for clarifying.

I am aware on the home office update just asking where you saw that a date may be announced on the 13th of April.

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