Newbie - What can I gather as evidence?

Hello there,

I just want to start the application for the GTV UK.

I have worked in a product led organisation for 12years, as a Web developer, Product Manager, and Head of IT. I lead teams to deploy large and complex technical projects.

Please what sort of evidence do I need?

Employment letters? Emails or communication tools and how do I make them 10? Does this mean I should have worked on 10 different tech projects?

Please anyone can help me here, i’ld be glad.

Kindly read official guide. I am sure you it will give you more insight.

I’ve recorded a tutorial that can serve as a good intro into the topic of the visa for you

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Thank you @Alexandr and @immigrant

I truly appreciate your comments and I have gone through the official guide and just watched two videos of Nadias’.

It still looks quite bogous and complex to me. Where do I start from really? How long do you think I need to do this?

  1. How many pages of the documents do I need to write?

  2. I see the personal statement has to be 1,000 words and reference letters not more than 3pages.

Please, am I correct with this?

Hi Modupe,
I started first with studying the requirements for GTV as outlined in the Technation Visa guide. You need to pay alot of attention to the details and requirement without missing a single type of evidence required. Take time out to understand what you need to do. You can even print out the requirements and tick off any requirement met and focus on meeting the next.

2ndly, while gathering my evidences, I also made sure I was on top of my LoRs- very important.

And more importantly, you can visit this forum and read on success stories and even those with stories around their rejected application and pay close attention to what was done right and what was done wrong so you don’t make the same mistake.

You can leverage what I did to help you understand what to do. I hope this helps.