New digital field or concept employee

For QC1, it says “If you are an employee working in a new digital field or concept, this must be clearly demonstrated, for example by providing a patent application (patent should include verifiable ID on Google Patents).”

This is a little ambiguous, I am wondering if I am working in latest tech(less than 3-4 years tech), would that be enough to fulfil this criteria?Also, it says employee, what if I am a contractor working in a new digital field.

Your being employed or self-employed is of little concequence here. You are having a patent or not is the factor meant there. Working in a new tech is not enough, you should prove your proficiency with that tech and also that you have used it in an innovative way.

Ok so how “latest” that patent has to be? I see a patent filed by one of the vendors in 2014 for this tech I am working on, Is that good enough?

If a patent is filled but not granted yet, it does count…usually patents take longer.