Need help with Letter of reference

can I get a letter of reference from an ex-staff?

I did grow the company’s traction but my boss and I have both left… and it’s a very big organisation, my boss who now no longer works for the company is the only person I know that could speak of my efforts can he write my letter?

yes, you can.

No worries. As long as, they can explain how they are connected with you, they can tell about their current org & the org in which they worked with you or managed you.

Also, ask them to share the LinkedIn profile in the end, so that the assessor can verify that you both worked in the same organization. And, for the letter head or logo, they can put their current organization logo & registered address.


Oh, thank you, Tamil. I have now messaged them. Your advice will go a long way to helping my application. I appreciate it.

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