Need advice on applying for exceptional promise

Hello everyone, i am planning to apply for exceptional promise category this year but after going through some applications here and seeing some rejected, i am not feeling very confident currently about applying.

Please help assess my profile/plans and give your feedback and advice where necessary.

I am currently studying in UK for MSc in computer science
I worked as a software developer (frontend) for a product led startup before travelling for studies.

I was part of the first engineering team who developed the product and made it market fit to enable the company get its first funding from investors.

My salary was 200k naira when i was with the company.

I have contributed to twice to open source projects.

Currently in my MSc studies, i have learnt a lot about AI, data science and mobile app development and i am working with one of my lectures to publish a research paper on a project i did.

  1. Do you think these can qualify me for endorsement under exceptional promise?

  2. can the salary pass as high incoming considering the Nigeria salary scale/minimum wage?

  3. My evidence will basically be from these; my work during the startup (commits), my contribution to open source, and research publications. What do you think of these evidence?

:disappointed_relieved:Please what’s your assessment and advice? .


You may need to give it sometime as you need to be consistent with your open source contribution. What evidence do you have for the mandatory criteria, which optional criteria are you selecting?

Hello, thanks for your response.

For the MC i was going to show my code commits made during my time working in the product led start up as i was a core member of the engineering team.

For the OC, i was thinking of selecting 3 and 4.

i had either of the following as evidence

The commits to open source
Employment contract
A research publication i am working on currently in one of my MSc course(yet to be published)

Just so i know, does volunteering for a tech role count for any thing in any of the criteria?

you can’t use research publication for your MSC course.

Oh, i thought that part was referring to the final MSc final thesis. Alright. Noted. Thanks

Does the other options meet up for MC and OC?